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This page contains a list of applications based on Elementary and EFL.

List of currently known elementary based applications

  • E-tasks - An elementary task manager
  • Enotes - implementation of a TODOlist manager written with elementary to appear better with distribution that use illume, like SHR.
  • Fido - todo list/note manager written with elementary
  • Intone - Elementary based mplayer frontend (for audio files).
  • Podboy - Podcast player (Python/Elementary/Gstreamer/SQLite)
  • NeoLight - turns your mobile device into a flashlight.
  • Paroli - phone application for the Openmoko phones
  • Elmdentica - simple Identi.ca client made with Elementary.
  • Launcher - provides an elegant way of grouping and launching applications.
  • Ventura - very fast, finger friendly webkit-efl / elementary based browser.
  • rtmom - Python client for RememberTheMilk. It is based on Elementary.
  • SpojeGUI - GUI program which use CLI program/modul spoje.py which is used mainly for Czech and Slovak transport.
  • MKPRN - Reverse Polish Notation calculator.
  • Minneo - classic Memory game
  • Neomis - computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon
  • NumberX - mathematical puzzle game that will challenge your mental math abilities!
  • ffalarms - finger-friendly alarms application
  • Intone video - mplayer frontend for playing video. uses glamo patched mplayer.
  • Mokometeo is a small python/elementary application fetching the weather forecast from WeatherUnderground weather pages
  • Shellementary - version of Zenity done using the efl toolkit called Elementary.
  • Mokosuite - set of phone applications written to replace phoneui in SHR.
  • Mokonnect connmand GUI, allows profile based connection making, and will allow advanced routing to be included in profile.
  • DBWords - small python application generates random words for use in the creative thinking games in Edward de Bono's book "How to have Creative Ideas". It uses the random words given in the book.
  • MangerSain - food additives application for mobile devices (only in French)
  • osmupdater - OpenStreetMap update for tangogps. it update your file stored on /home/root/Maps
  • Launcher for Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection
  • SHR phone apps
  • SHR settings
  • SHR Calc
  • Emtooth - bluetooth/bluez manager written in elementary
  • Babiloo - Dictionary program
  • Jefliks - EFL-based tiny and fast Jabber client
  • Timeoko - countdown app
  • eStarDict is a offline dictionary reader
  • Chroneo A Stopwatch and Timer application written in Python / Elementary.
  • Neon a simple image viewer
  • MCNavi Free GPS navigation for car and outdoor with OpenStreetMap maps
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