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Hardware wishes warning! This article or section documents a Hardware Wish List item, the features described here may or may not be implemented in future devices.



Is available in most of Europe and parts of Asia. This standard is on the way in many African countries. Propably shouldn't be expected in the American market? DVB-T is an open standard, so it should be possible to find GPL'ed chips. Not made for handheld devices so the phone would propaby be huge and hot.


Lots of free quality tv, but nobody has space for a 60cm satelit dish in their pockets theese days.


Open standard for digital terrestrial tv for handheld devices. In trial state in most of the world. Propably the best solution for tv on a phone.


Open standard for digital satelite tv for handheld devices


Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB)[1] is a digital radio transmission system for sending multimedia (radio, TV, and datacasting) to mobile devices such as mobile phones. It is based on the Eureka 147 Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). T-DMB is an ETSI standard (TS 102 427 and TS 102 428).


Most widely used standard in the US. Becomes mandatory on February 17, 2009

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