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Dictator is a totalitarian recording and dictation application written in python-gtk turning the neo freerunnner into a secret service-weapon. ;-) With it you can dictate your voice-notes via the handset-mic, record the incoming gsm-sound while talking to someone or record the whole call including your voice. (You know you should inform the one you are talking to before record the call!!!) Won't work on OM2008.12 !!!

Download and Install

Get the package from opkg.org: Dictator

On Current Om2009 (8. Mai 2009) install it with:

opkg install -force-depends http://www.opkg.org/packages/dictator_0.2_armv4t.ipk

All dependencies are fulfilled.


1. Use the config-file /etc/dictator.conf or create your own: ~/dictator.conf

To make it compatible with standard WAV the following adaptation is required (confirmed on GTA02 with SHR-T 2009/03): in /etc/dictator.conf change




2. Use the GUI - only for the options: folder, rate, soundcard (it affects only /etc/dictator.conf when saved)

currently implemented options are:

folder - the Folder Dictator saves the recorded files to

soundcard - choose the soundcard you'd like to specify (like using arecord)

recordLimit - not implented yet

rate - Samplerate you'd like to record your sound with, standard is 8000 (Hz), should be enough!

sounddetection - not implemented yet - records only when it recognizes sound


Dictator recpage.png

Recording GSM:

1. choose a record-mode (GSM-In or GSM & Mic)
2. dial
3. when call is established press record
4. stop if you like (most likely before ending the call)
5. file will show up at the playpage

Recording Mic:

1. just press record and speak into the mic (maybe you'd like to turn the screen 180° to have the real dictation-machine-feeling --> just feel free to configure /usr/bin/dictator.)


Dictator playpage.png

Choose a file from the list and press Play. You can play it with double speed by pressing Forward. (factor 1.5 makes better effects but unfortunately does not work.) Or just delete a file if you don't like your voice. ;-)


Version 0.2

1. improved GUI:

- more fingerfriendly

- new dialog for basic configuration

2. improved recording:

- recording is much louder now (even usable when riding bicycle)

- when recording a whole call, the other one can hear you now

- recordings are named according to their record-mode (mic_..., gsm_in_..., gsm&mic_...)

3. debian-binary removed

only tested on shr-testing so far.

Report Bugs or commit ideas

This is my second python-something. So please be patient and help improving this app. Please send mail to: matthiasfelsche at web dot de

Dictator recpage.png Dictator

The most undemocratic dictation and recording-application ever.

Homepage: http://www.opkg.org/package_207.html
Package: Dictator
Tested on: SHR-Testing

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