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DHMOKO - Openmoko Freerunner in the DHM


From January 1st to Mai 3rd you can see and touch 2 Openmoko Freerunners in the DHM (Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin! They serve as faked cellphones to control a sms-chatwall in the exhibition "Die Sprache Deutsch".

Debian is running in the Flash and a tiny Python-GTK-Application, which simulates a simple cellphone-GUI, which sends fake-sms to a MySQL-server. Another PC accesses the server and produces the output for the sms-chatwall. Quite simple, but chic!

As Soon as everything is ready we will make it accessible to you, if possible.

By now we still got some problems with fixing the freerunners mechanically in the exhibition. But for we already bought them phones, we will solve this problem! :)

Ab dem 14. Januar bis zum 03. Mai werden im Deutschen Historischen Museum in Berlin 2 Freerunner zu sehen und anzufassen sein! Sie dienen als "Bedienung" einer SMS-Chatwall in der Ausstellung "Die Sprache Deutsch".

Auf ihnen läuft ein Debian (im Flash) und eine kleine Python-GTK-Anwendung, die eine simple Handy-Oberfläche simuliert, über die "SMS'" an einen MySQL-Server geschickt werden. Ein anderer PC greift auf die Daten zu und gibt die SMS-Chatwall an den Beamer aus. Alles ganz simpel, aber chic!

Sobald alles fertig ist, werden wir es, wenn möglich, zugänglich machen!

Wir haben einige Probleme, was die mechanische Sicherung der Geräte angeht, noch nicht zu unserer Zufriedenheit gelöst, doch da wir die Handys schon gekauft haben, werden wir auch dieses Problem lösen! :)


Finally we made it providing you what is needed to see, what we actually done. We are working on a little description of what we did included in a tar.gz-file with all the necessary sources (database-structure, chatwall, sms-ui, debian-configuration...). Until this is available, you can download the kernel and jffs-image for flashing it to your freerunner and having your own little Dhmoko. (You can't write the sms to any chatwall, an appropriate database is needed. Instructions will follow soon!)

(use u-boot, not qi!)




The mechanical-fixing problem seems solved. The handys are nearly ready. --vanInwagen 08:29, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

The exhibition opened just this evening. The Freerunners are fixed, ready and usable. And during the Vernissage some people really used it! Really!!!

The last little changes in the GUI are on their way and the code and the configurations are just about to be made up for publication. :) There are just some tiny problems left about the network-connection to their attached PC, but never mind!

Soonly you can see photos of them and of the whole exhibition, view the chatwall via a webcam in the exhibition (just providing the chatwall via browser-window ain't got the live-feeling, a crude webcam-picture can give!) AND communicate with the visitors and Freerunner-users in the exhibition via text-entries per web-formula sending your message to that chat-wall. Great, isn't it? ;-) --vanInwagen 21:32, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

a first photo: Foto auf www.freeyourphone.de

panorama-photos--vanInwagen 15:20, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

Pearls for Pigs! ;-) The first neo is (a little bit) broken. The usb-port is loose. We're fixing it. --vanInwagen 12:07, 18 February 2009 (UTC)


felsche at dhm dot de

heinz at dhm dot de





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