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DeforaOS is a multi-purpose Operating System, providing an ubiquitous, secure and transparent access to the user's resources. It features a POSIX-compliant environment, and can work on top of existing systems (Linux, *BSD...). Its desktop environment is focused on usability, coherence and integration, with many applications available already. Developed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, it suits modern embedded platforms as well.

Official website:


The DeforaOS Smartphone Environment is packaged and shipped as part of the "dse" series of hackable:1, a Debian-based distribution for Hackable Devices like the Openmoko Freerunner.

Software components

User interface

The following projects can be found at

Project name Purpose
DeforaOS Browser File browser and desktop manager (home screen)
DeforaOS Editor Simple text editor
DeforaOS Framer Window manager (still in development)
DeforaOS Keyboard Virtual keyboard
DeforaOS Locker Screensaver and locking mechanism
DeforaOS Mailer e-mail client (IMAP4, POP3...)
DeforaOS Panel Desktop top and bottom panels and applets
DeforaOS Phone Telephony application
DeforaOS Surfer Web browser
DeforaOS Todo Task management
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