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This guide briefly describes how you can customize the application icons shown on the home screen.

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FSO and OM 2008.8

At FSO application icons are stored below /usr/share/pixmaps/. Those icons are just little image files you might already know from your PC desktop. To avoid scaling the images should be of 64x64 pixels. The icons are referenced by the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/.

Assume the following shortened example file /usr/share/applications/my-app.desktop which provides a clickable icon on your phones home screen:

[Desktop Entry]

This desktop entry references an image "my-icon" which, because of the missing full path and extension, causes the desktop to search for image files below its stndard search path. this will find the icon file /usr/share/applications/my-icon.png.

You can also provide a full path, for example:


Icon sources

Where can I find Free icons ?

Yeah, but where can I find Free icons sets, 64x64px png, designed for 250dpi for smartphone functions ?

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