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Coypu is a utility for send file via Bluetooth. For now work only from openmoko to other device. You have to install obexpush from angstrom repository [1] For now this software has a lot of problems.

There are several obex programs allowing file transfer, all in console at the moment. Obexpush installs obextool, and opd daemon:

opkg install obexpush

Default receiving path (editable in /etc/default/opd_args ) doesn exist, so create it

mkdir /var/obexpush

Files are then received automatically, no notice, no confirmation... they just silently appear in /var/obexpush

To send some files, first scan for devices:

hcitool scan
Scanning ...
	00:16:41:F5:A5:BC	laptop

Then send it onto bt address found in the scan:

obextool push image.jpg 00:16:41:F5:A5:BC 10

The console tools are for testing the interface (see SHR User Manual).


You can download opk fils from following link

and then:

opkg install coypu_0.1_all.opk

or directly:

opkg install

Or you can use repository . For add repository follow this command:

cd /etc/opkg

and then:

opkg update
opkg install coypu


  • to many bugs for a list :)


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