Configure SHR for German-speaking use UPDATE 2

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2009-11-21 this page will be localization for SHR-unstable new
2009-12-09 ok now its almost landed. but this time it will ONLY work with rootfs on SDcard!!
2010-01-07 there is still no usable and stable SHR to use as basis, sorry. so we keep on waiting ...
2010-01-10 i have the first usable version ready, will upload next week
2010-01-25 for the moment i have stopped working on this. no stability is possible. and i have a new toy: Satio U1 :-)


NOTE: use at your own risk, the image is changed by me. so if it blows up or transfers all your money to some guy in nigeria, not my fault.

you have been warned!!

looking for a stable release that just works, now called shr-obsolete??

ok go to this page Configure_SHR_for_German-speaking_use

Now whats this page all about???

its all about localization of the SHR unstable image for german/austrian use. and fixing some annoying bugs.

Startup Times

0:00 press button to boot neo
0:12 splash logo visible
1:39 illume desktop icons visible
2:41 GSM logged in
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