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The EM-X270 is an embedded computer board, produced by Compulab, an Israel-based company specialising in Single Board Computers (SBC). The manufacturers provide Angstrom (a variant of Debian Linux upon which Openmoko is based) as the operating system, with full support for all listed peripherals (Wi-Fi support coming in December 2007).
The board has a range of optional components which can be specified for full mobile phone capabilities, and more (to a level similar to that of the Neo1973), as detailed below:


Main components


3.5" VGA (640x480)


Intel Xscale PXA270, 312/520MHz

System memory

128MB SDRAM, 100MHz, 32bit

Onboard storage

NOR memory

4MB, non-volatile (generally for uBoot or other bootloader)

NAND memory

128MB - 512MB , non-volatile (generally for majority of the OS/applications/user files)

Operating System


Angstrom Linux

[more info]



Quad-band Telit GE864 module [AT Command Set]


802.11b with a Philips chipset
supported by closed driver and


Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR


Navman Jupiter 32 [Data Sheet], with NMEA output


Li-Ion, charged over USB

Peripheral connectivity

SD socket

with SDIO capability, for connection of peripherals


USB 1.1, with host and slave capabilities

Serial port

RS232, 16550 compatible


up to 16 dedicated lines, shared with keypad (if present)

Camera interface

Support for adding a digital still (up to 2048 x 2048)/video camera (15fps, vga).

Dimensions (including battery and screen)

Size: 97 x 66 x 17mm

Mass: 270g



Compulab has a strict sales policy: only to companies, only in large quantities, only if one evaluation board is bought

To make this device available for the open source developer community, there is an idea for a group purchase (Features EM-X270-C520-W-H-K + LCD35+KEYPAD+BAT10) organized by the [Handheld Linux Shop] which would come to approx. 649 EUR (incl. VAT) / 750 US$ (excl. Tax) if 100 units are reached (20% less if 500 units). Contact:

[Handheld Linux Shop] has now officially started the Group Buy. Please refer to [[1]] for details.

See the Talk page for more info and possible buying alternatives


The PDA module has no case. So we should find someone who can design and manufacture a robust polymer/metal case. Alternatively, we could produce files allowing users to make their own. Schematics for the dimensions of the Compulab circuitry are provided here along with various other development friendly files.

There has been a quite similar discussion for alternate cases for the Neo 1973: Hardware:Neo1973:Alternate Cases

The [Homebrew Mobile Phone Club] has developed a [Case] for a different hardware that can be manufactured by [TechShop] at approx. US$ 40.

Comparison with the FIC Neo1973

Hardware Neo1973 EM-X270
Characteristic complete Phone PDA Phone Module
Display 2.8in VGA 64k Colors 3.5in VGA 64k Colors
GSM Triband Quadband
GPS yes (no driver for GTA01) yes
Battery (mAh) 1200 3000
Dimensions 120.7 x 62 x 18.5mm 97 x 66 x 17mm + Case
Mass 184g 270g + Case

Comparison with FIC Neo1973, of driver openness

Hardware Neo1973 EM-X270
Wi-fi open closed
GPS closed serial interface [NMEA]
GPRS serial interface [AT Commands]
graphics open
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