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  • Большой релиз Om 2008.9 Update 19 сентября, точка в ASU. Or was it a big non-event, because those who updated daily were already ahead when it was released ? Some users were surprised that the stable feeds do not update almost everything everyday anymore, but this is what stable is supposed to mean. You don't get the nice fixes in the latest kernel, but you don't get the nasty new bugs either.
  • Другой большой релиз: Qtopia 4.4. Сейчас называется Qt Extended, мы теперь вынуждены обновить это название примерно в ~100 wiki страницах!
  • FSO репозитарий перемещен в Спасибо Beartech за предоставленный хостинг.
  • Начат анонс NeoPwn, a distribution geared towards penetration testing. I am not sure if they are shipping yet. Their hat color is unclear to me, their slogan is Own it.. before it owns you.
  • FDOM это настоящий великий подъем. Сейчас имеет список рассылки, репозитарий кода и миссию.


  • Sephora, менеджер настроек в PyGtk для XFCE запущен.
  • Также, openmoko-panel-plugin продвинулся с 0.1 до 0.4. Это плагин на основе gtk который рисует состояния питания большинства аппаратных устройств FR (например gsm, gps) в основной панели gtk . Эта панель используется в xfce4. и может включать и выключать статус вашего gps приёмника.
  • Brian Code из Koolu документировал как он сделал Linphone, что такое voice over IP, work fine for him.
  • Поворот экрана демон доделан.


  • внешняя зарядка из батарейки, или как запустить Neo с помощью батарей (NB: из AA батарей нельзя выжать больше 1 ампера пока...)
  • Спасибо Claus и Lothar, the CAD files за то что конвертировали в различные форматы (BRLCAD, IGES, STEP)
  • Michael negociated with a custom-case making company, they could build something more rugged/waterproof if the demand was high enough.

Wiki и community

  • The Documentation Team recategorized everything using a two-levels scheme. Browsing should be is easier now, try it! Of course we now need to clean up the pages inside each subcategory, but at least the big POS is not many small pos. Divide-and-conquer.
  • We also organized the list of applications. Now there is a master directory, then detailed lists by topic, and then application pages.
  • The search box now uses google engine instead of the mediawiki build-in. More goodness coming soon: "Add page in this category" and "Site directory" extensions.
  • Some nice artwork flew by on the community list. Raster is still with us. Following some advertisement, the Desktop wallpaper gallery grew from 1 to 4 images. Keep them coming !
  • We are having a defining hearts-to-hearts discussion on the community list in Risto's initiated thread The Lost Openmoko community. See also the Weeky Engineering News 38 for Om's plans to involve the community more in the release process.
  • Good things are the pipeline for the Community Repository, including a submit by web interface (tickets 1518, 1543)

From the stars

  • There were many kernel patches about SD cards and bus speed. Confusion about which kernel version goes into which branch and about packaging strategies led to some module mismatch issues.
  • There are still interesting discussions on the kernel mailing list on the state of the wlan driver. For the rest of us, it means that the Wifi driver is still being actively developed. In plain English: likely to be full of bugs.
  • The alsa sound configuration still puzzle most users. I think that as long as alsa-mixer is based on a linear list of cryptic acronyms, we are in the dark. Internship idea: redo the mixer as a clickable image map based on the sound chip circuits. Make that work for all Linux distros.
  • Developers should be aware that the Meta-toolchain was refreshed.
  • The kernel guys have banged their heads together about how to send all their changes upstream. Conclusion: good luck, that is a tough job.

За пределами Openmoko

  • The leading websearch company released their mobile OS called Android, nothing was said about an Openmoko port.
  • Pandora pre-sells thousands of their handheld linux gaming console. Sorry if you missed it, the next batch will be for 2009.
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