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Hello all:

The 12th community update is now available. For an easier access to the newest update, it can be also accessed from Community Box located at the left. The old versions are put on Community updates page. I would like to thank the community for the help and for sharing with us some interesting information.




  • Fyp is a Debian for Freerunner based distribution which uses LXDE and Zhone on top. It is a community project. Now the first beta image is released. You can download Fyp distribution here, then uses NeoTool for installation. After you have finished the installation and booted up, you can press AUX (short press) to show the keyboard, and use Power button to pop up the shutdown/suspend menu, then select the options.
  • Mickey announced Qi, now it's "officially" supported by FSO.
  • FSO meets paroli - for a fully functional paroli, FSO team came up with fso milestone 5.5. FSO MS 5.5 will contain everything needed by paroli.


New Applications

  • Bytestore released a nice setting builder script to install the most important configuration parameters for 2008.12
  • Momtools - (momtools = MyOpenMoko tools) the idea of this tool is creating an easy-to-use application, allowing the freerunner (gta-02) to connect to wifi and gprs, and add some useful applications such as a slim media-player and a little accelerometers-game. This project now is on progress. You can check this on it's wiki page.
  • Enscribi - a new handwriting recognition input method, currently it only supports writing Japanese and Chinese characters. You can download ipk files and install it on FSO. Then goto "setup" --> "keyboard" --> "enscribi", then you get a Chinese input method. For more information, you can check
  • OpenMiaoCat, like OpenMooCow, makes your phone become a cat! Simply stroke gently the lovely cat to make it purr!

Application updates

  • Qwo - Version 0.4 was released on Feb, 7. The changes include : window can be resized dynamically, added Paste, Alt key, page up, down, home, end plus others ...etc. You can download the new version here
  • Yaouh! - Version 0.4 is out. This release includes bugfix and adds support for multiple wget downloads, probably faster.
  • Guitartune - Version 0.30 released on 16 Feb. Changes include a new GUI, wider range (from A0 to C8) and threaded architecture.

Trick and Tips

  • MokoGeocaching Installing - After you install MokoGeocaching, if the app won't even start, you may need to install these dependencies manually (Om2008.12):
opkg install python-netclient python-mime python-netclient
  • How to search bugs real quick, instead of using ? You can use the Unofficial search of You can type the keyword or bug number on text box, then press "search", the results will be listed below the text box.


  • Wiki news! As per documentation mailing list justification, I reverted my previous revert of main page. People missing the old multitude of links should look at the improved left side navigation choices. I also combined "Openmoko:Community Portal" into "Development resources" and renamed the whole thing to "Community Resources". -Timo
  • A first OM meeting took place in Karlsruhe, a second one is being planned. See Local Groups Section in this wiki.
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