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Period 18, Apr ~ 30, Apr, 2009


  • Om2009 The Om 2009 testing image for 13th April is available here. Angus is working on the next image for testing and it should be available soon.
  • Koolu announces Koolu-1.0 Beta 6 for the Android on Freerunner project. Release files, installation notes, and a change log can be found here
  • SHR The SHR unstable has now been migrated to testing feed. Some of the discussions can be followed here
    • In SHR mrmoku started GUI which uses opimd interface. It's libframeworkd-phonegui-efl2 and can be installed from shr-unstable repo.opimd now supports SQLite to store contacts (before there was only SIM and CSV backends), and Messages domain is fixed (but now there is only SIM backend). It still lacks support of editing and deleting items.
    • - there is some test app.
  • Qt Extended latest fixes can be tracked from the latest and greatest progress mail 10
  • AUIMD version 0.3 The third release of AUIMD, a user interface for mobile devices written with PyQt. This version focuses on the usability of the phone application and mainly adds support for a call log and basic management of contacts.


New Applications

  • Coypu Utility for sending file via Bluetooth. For now only from openmoko to other device.

Application Updates

  • PyFlash 0.4 PyFlash 0.5 will have flashcards for all katakana, hiragana and different groups of kanji, with increasing in difficulty
  • Orrery 2.6 is available. This version includes a new method for quickly changing the sky display's center azimuth (rather than just panning 45 degrees at a time), and information about meteor showers. A bug that prevented fullscreen mode and flashlight modes from working under SHR has been fixed. The new version is available here


  • Kernel Updates For anyone who has missed out the mail from Nelson on weekly post of recent kernel updates, read here
    • Kernel update for 29th April

Event News

  • 2009-07-02/05 LVEE 2009 | The 5th International conference of developers and users of free / open source software “Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe” to be held in Grodno (Belarus)
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