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Period 2010-05-04 to 2010-06-01


Distribution updates

Gr56.png GameRunner [0.2]

GameRunner is an Openmoko Linux distribution. It aims at converting the Freerunner open mobile phone in a Linux-based handheld game console. It is simple, and contains cool and suitable open source games for Linux mobile devices. New stuff :

  • new simple app fileselector (finger friendly), useful for Super Nintendo Emulator and Mplayer
  • added Snes9x (Super Nintendo Emulator), Mplayer, GNURobbo, fatfingershell, and Block Rage game
  • pressing power button any time quits the current game (resets X and GUI)
  • added help screen for every game using GameRunner game control
The help screen also asks user to start the game with sound or no sound. Changes :
  • fixes in Gamerunner game control : works always and better. Now red aux
button light means mode 2, so we can know which mode is the current one. Touchscreen control is more accurate.

Codename: 0.2

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 ?
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?

Qtmokomain.png Qtmoko [v24]

QtMoko is a distribution based on Qtopia (or QtExtended). List of changes since previous stable version (v22):

  • Polish translations (Tomasz Czajkowski)
  • Package manager displays package version (Anton Olkhovik)
  • Disabled logging by default to save flash
  • In Settings->Logging can be started/stopped/enabled/disabled
  • GUI for modem settings (deep sleep and multiplexing) in NeoControl
  • GUI for call volume in NeoControl
  • Fixed gsm alsa state to use recommended "Mic 2" instead of "Right PGA"
  • Wifi maxperf can be turned on/off in devtools
  • Automatically set wifi to maxperf when connected (Alina Friedrichsen)
  • Automatically restart hcid if it crashed (Alex Samorukov)
  • Removed setting sd_max_clk because it was causing problems (Alex Samorukov)
  • Smaller icon for QNetWalk game - old icon was 1.5MB big !@#$%
  • Fixed not found page in Arora (Alex Samorukov)
  • Tab bar size and zooming as upstream Arora does (Alex Samorukov)
  • Enabled web cache in Arora (Alex Samorukov)
  • Switching between USB mass storage and USB ethernet via devtools
  • Disabled dimming/suspend by default

Codename: v24

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?

SHR-Logo.png SHR [unstable]

SHR is a community driven GNU/Linux distribution for smartphones based on OpenEmbedded using E17 (illume) as window manager and own gui apps on top of FSO. Most important changes from last month are:

  • ogsmd written in python was replaced with fsogsmd written in vala, which is much faster and uses less memory
  • All SHR apps were adjusted to slightly changed api of gsm daemon and now everything works out-of-the box with fsogsmd
  • SMSs are no longer temporary saved to SIM
  • Deep-sleep and echo cancellation for calypso is configureable in fsogsmd config.
  • HAL is no longer installed by default
  • Toolchain is continuously upgraded (now we're using eglibc-2.12, gcc-4.4.4 and we're testing gcc-4.5 which should generate faster code for our armv4t).
  • Changelog for all libs/apps included in image
  • Changelog for SHR apps
  • We are testing newer 2.6.32 and 2.6.34 kernels available here, please read readme there and test it too.

Codename: unstable

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream yes
Other yes


New Applications

Minneo.png Minneo 1.0.0

Minneo is a classic Memory game. It's a game of memory and concentration. It's written in Python / Elementary.

Package: Minneo
Tested on: SHR

ModRana.png modRana 0.10

ModRana is a GPS navigation application. It supports GPX tracks, online routing and POI search, route profile, transparent map overlay, batch tile download and has a configurable GUI. ModRana is written in Python, using PyGTK and Cairo.

Package: modrana
Tested on: SHR, QtMoko


Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller announces the Openmoko Beagle. read the full announcement e-mail here. Wikipage can be found at Openmoko_Beagle_Hybrid.

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