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Period 2009-11-26 to 2009-12-09


New Applications

System boot.png emenu - openmoko program launcher

This launcher was intended to use it with the hardware keys of the Openmoko phones. You can define own xml files for any of your target actions. Perhaps you will launch a other menu when you push the power or aux button. For example ⇒ aux.xml screenshot. emenu is written in python and in gtk.

Tested on:

Quickplay.png Quickplay

A light weight mp3 player/frontend for Ampache ampache .

  • created ipk package
  • change nice -> continuous playing
  • off suspend, when program running

Package: quickplay
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Application Updates

OrreryMonthlyMoons.png Orrery Version 2.7

Orrery displays the night sky

  • Monthly Moon Calendar prettier
  • Blue Moons shown on both moon calendars
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Improved finger friendliness
  • Worthless features removed, never to be spoken of again
  • Automake files completely remade - no longer abominable

Package: orrery
Tested on: SHR-Unstable,Om2009T5, Om2008.x, Om2007.x (Note: Om2007.x needs a special .ipk file, available on the GForge page)

Spojegui.png SpojeGUI

SpojeGUI is GUI program which use CLI program/modul which is used mainly for Czech and Slovak transport.

  • update for new SHR unstable

Package: SpojeGUI
Tested on: only new SHR-Unstable

System boot.png PyRadio

PyRadio is TUI program in python for receiver stream of internet radio.

  • change nice -> continuous playing
  • off suspend, when program running

Package: PyRadio
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Neomis.png Neomis Version 1.0.1

A computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon

  • Fixed callbacks with new python-elementary (revision >= 43900)
  • Nicer icons for Stop and Quit buttons

Package: Neomis
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

NeoLight.png NeoLight Version 1.3.2

An application to turn your phone into a flashlight

  • Fixed callbacks with new python-elementary (revision >= 43900)

Package: NeoLight
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

NumberX.png NumberX Version 1.0.1

A mathematical puzzle game that will challenge your mental math abilities!

  • Fixed callbacks with new python-elementary (revision >= 43900)

Package: NumberX
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Babiloo.png Babiloo 2.0.9-4

Offline dictionaries reader.

  • Fixed callbacks with new python-elementary (revision >= 43900)

Package: babiloo
Tested on: SHR-Testing,SHR-Unstable


  • Sebastian Spaeth has created a new shr-testing image! Sebastian expects that upgrades will happen every 3-4 weeks or similar. He will try to upgrade things to a working set of revisions. All testing will be restricted to shr-lite-image for now. Full thread is reachable on Shr-Devel mailing list. But remember that there is no way bugs are going to be fixed (or even debugged) if developers don't know about them, so go for it and report bugs. Testing branch is supposed to do the following:
    • always give you a working phone
    • care about opkg upgrade'ability
    • Be conservative in the number of cool on-the-edge features it takes
  • There is great work going on gta02-core, to redesign FreeRunner into a better device! Looks like a lot of work is already done, but all skilled (and partially skilled ;) ) electronic engineers and software developers are welcome to help. There are many things that need to be done and as Werner Almesberger said, for some of them, it can even be better to be a newbie, because you have fewer preconceptions. Tasks that need to be done includes schematics reviews or ECN reviews but there is also kicad-wishlist for C++ developers, thus if you have some spare time do not hesitate and help resolve software issues with KiCAD. For all those, who want to help REVIEW and GETTING-STARTED is a good place to look for information.
  • Mike Crash is working on a new car, bike and outdoor navigation with vector maps imported from OSM data. There is a lot to do, but Mike expects first public version around turn of year.
  • Anton Olkhovik showed interesting project which unleashes gaming abilities of Neo FreeRunner - USB_Gamepad_(NeoPlay)

Event News

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