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Period 2009-10-15 to 2009-10-28


Hackable-1-Screenshot-today.png Hackable:1 [rev5]

Hackable:1 is a community distribution for hackable devices like the Neo Freerunner. It is based on Debian and implements the GNOME mobile platform. See Architecture for details. The goals are: * provide a Stable platform for development * encourage Quick start * enjoy Ease of development

Codename: 'chuck'
Image: Images

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 ?
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other yes


New Applications

Kbosd screenshot.png kbosd

Small and simple virtual keyboard for OpenMoko FreeRunner, inspired from fatfingershell. The idea was to use XShape extention to display the virtual keyboard above the terminal

Package: not known yet
Tested on: hackable:1 rev5

Application Updates

Mini-1 1.png xminimokostatus

xminimokostatus is the background on the root window of Minimoko, a fast and lean Desktop based on shr, openbox and idesk using DBUS in C with glib

Package: Xminimokostatus
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Ffalarms 0.2.4 add.png ffalarms 0.3

ffalarms is a finger friendly alarms application. Notes:

  • add support for recurring alarms, attaching messages to alarms, and
choosing alarm date from a calendar
  • add configuration option for alarm volume, alarm_script and alsa_state

Package: ffalarms
Tested on: SHR

System boot.png web-manager 0.2

web-manager provides a web-based management console to the Neo Freerunner. It can do it for any phone on which you can manage to run it but it is developed for and on a Neo Freerunner. At this time the following features are implemented:

  • Getting GSM network status, though only reception strength is shown
  • Listing log files from TangoGPS
  • Listing of Contacts
  • Listing of Messages (SMS)

Package: web-manager
Tested on: SHR

Ffs.png fatfingershell 0.2

It is a virtual terminal for Openmoko mobile phones, with a fullscreen keyboard, and sound/screen/vibrator feedback. You can set the colors and the transparency, set new keyboard layouts (hard yet) and replace the sounds. The fullscreen keyboard aims to be complete and useful for sh/bash, vi and common console apps, like top, mocp, mplayer, mc, gnu tools, etc. Moreover it is comfortable for fat fingers. The new stuff :

  • better performance
  • scroll
  • vibration feedback
  • better sources
  • ipkg package

Package: fatfingershell
Tested on: SHR

System boot.png Launcher 0.39

Launcher provides an elegant way of grouping and launching applications. It features events notification too - missed calls and messages at the moment. It also has built in apps for contacts, sms and phonelog. Changes

  • Contacts app
    • improved set cat screen
    • icons for categories
    • indicates last sms contact with each contact (currently sms's only)
  • Call Log
    • can clear log category
  • SMS App
    • unsent messages can be sent by pressing retry
    • 'del all' button now prompts for confirmation
  • Category on toolbar now allows
    • setting application categories
    • Customisation of categories (add, del, rename categories)
    • change category sequence
  • improved layout of preferences in Configuration
  • updated wiki

Package: Launcher
Tested on: SHR


Most important and change making mails on the mailing lists, blogs etc.. Coolest hacks, screenshots, themes etc..

  • Gry e-wm.png
    gry* Illume Theme 0.2 and
    Gry elm.png
    gry* Elementary Theme 0.8 released.
    • fast as hell! (as fast as the nEo themes, probably faster in some situations)
    • shiny, inspired by the b&w smooth as silk theme
    • survive opkg upgrade
    • are still beauties even with software_16
    • integrate well with default shr etk theme
    • allow 'launcher' users to use dark as well as bright backgrounds while maintaining labels readable
    • flower power! (the flowers were removed due to environmental reasons, but i still like to think the theme is powered by daisies and sunflowers)

Questions/Suggestions should be posted here

  • Amit Abhishek wrote a nice review about Neo FreeRunner on his blog. It might be a good lecture for those hesitating to buy FreeRunner.
  • It appears that Sean's Wikireader is a bestseller on Amazon. Currently it is on 7th position! Congratulations Sean!

Event News

Openmoko Development Survey

Kerstin from Open Innovation Projects has completed a survey on the influence of open source development in the openmoko project. The full results are available here:

The results of the survey shouldn't be too much of a surprise given the nature of this particular project. The overwhelming majority of respondents agree with statements like "I really care about the fate of the project" and "I enjoy being part of this community". The community is mostly male, young (average age = 30) and well educated with over half of respondents indicating they have at least a university level degree.

Work Distribution

With regard to the split between developers and users, the community seems to be led by a small number of lead developers committing the majority of the work. The largest group indentify themselves as part of the community with just under a third identifying themselves as end-users.


Access to documentation is important for the members of the openmoko community. The level of access granted to the community is satisfactory with over half of members indicating a strong degree of satisfaction with the level of access to software documentation and just under half for the hardware documentation. The community is satisfied with the ease of access to the community documentation with less than 5% of respondents finding it difficult to access software/hardware documentation. The community documentation is deemed to be useful by the majority of respondents. However, the number of respondents finding it difficult to contribute due to lack of information suggests a disparity between the perceived ease of access and value of documentation and the breadth of coverage. Few respondents were completely satisfied by the available information. The story is a little worse for 3rd party documentation as is to be expected. This can be considered an area for improvement. The level of access granted to documentation has a bearing on the satisfaction of developers as shown by the level of satisfation with the completeness of the documentation.

Community Influence

Despite the fact that few respondents indicated a leading role in the development of software and identified themselves as end users or community members they majority felt they were able to influence the direction of the project. This indicates that the lead developers are listening to users and there seems to be a high level of satisfaction amongst users with their ability to influence the direction of development.

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