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Period 2009-08-19 to 2009-09-02


Qtmokomain.png QT Moko

QT moko is debian distribution for Openmoko Freerunner phone. Phone and user interface is based on QT Extendeded formerly known as Qtopia. As for the speed, this image is finally fast and responsive and I think it's very usable. This time I will leave testing on you - hopefully nothing nasty crept in. If you wonder where are V7 images - they do not exist. Credits to everybody who helped with this release. Changes from previous version:

  • UI is much faster (by fixing bug with opened accelerators.)
  • Bluetooth works again (thanks to Bartłomiej Zimoń)
  • Upgraded kernel to latest andy-tracking
  • Fixed small font size in X
  • Fixed AUX to work again when QX ends up
  • Fixed compiling on newer gcc
  • Added support of uploading screenshots to
  • QtMaze - updated to version 1.1 (various fixes, new level added)
  • Fixes in package manager
  • Howto for building debian based rootfs is now in GIT [1]

Codename: 'V8'
Image: images

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?


New Applications

System boot.png Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux 0.1.2

AGTL makes geocaching paperless! It downloads cache locations in the area visible on the map including their description, hints, difficulty levels and images. Searching for caches in your local db is a matter of seconds. The currently selected cache is shown on the map (and also all the others if you want) and there's a traditional compass-like view that always points at the cache. A manual exists on the wiki.

Package: advancedcaching
Tested on: OM2009T5, SHR-Unstable

System boot.png appraw

appraw is a small C tool for patching .desktop files to make apps be launched via fsoraw (to prevent automatic screen dimming and suspending). It can be used in various distribution enhancing scripts or just to make freshly installed app fsoraw-enabled. Changes can be easily reverted.

Package: appraw
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Shr-today.png shr-today

SHR-Today is a screen-locking application for SHR. It’s written using python, elementary and the opimd subsystem. It notifies about missed and incoming calls, unread messages, the GSM connectivity and about the battery status. It locks the screen by AUX-press, by the FSO “lock” signal and by going to suspend. Configure it's options in /etc/shr-today.conf.

Package: shr-today
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Spojegui.png SpojeGUI

SpojeGUI is GUI program which use CLI program/modul which is used mainly for Czech and Slovak transport.

Package: spoje
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Qnavitctl1.png QNavitCtl

QNavitCtl is a Qt application to send destination or position to Navit via dbus or center the map.

Package: qnavitctl
Tested on: SHR-Unstable

Application Updates

Evopedia map.png Evopedia 0.2.2

Evopedia is a Wikipedia reader for offline use. Features include:

  • live title search
  • images are included when there is a connection to the internet
  • articles can be shown on map using tiles from TangoGPS (NEW)

Package: evopedia
Tested on: ?

Launcher.png launcher

Launcher is a homepage / launcher app (written in c, using elementary and sqlite) that has the following main features

  • In built contacts, sms, phonelog app
  • Categorises your applications (personalised categories and grouping)
  • Notifications for new sms/ missed calls on home page
  • cell broadcast / location info on home page
  • ability to set your own wallpaper
  • uses opim backend

Package: launcher
Tested on: OM2009T5, SHR-Unstable

System boot.png PyRadio

PyRadio is TUI program in python for receiver stream of internet radio.

  • created ipk package

Package: pyradio
Tested on: SHR-Unstable


All the #1024 (Deep Sleep) solutions at one place #1024 Fixes ..lot of thanks to Joerg, Paul, Werner and all the community members.

  • After some deliberation and input from the community Angus Ainslie decided to stop maintaining Om2009 and start work on getting Paroli to co-exist in SHR. General instructions on how to run Paroli in SHR are on the Paroli wiki page.
  • There was a poll about the most popular distribution and boot loader amongst the people who read the mailing lists, are somehow community-active users, or just answered the poll. Most likely this is not reality amongst all users but shows where the majority of the community-active people are. Polls are still open for voting, thus if you want to show developers what is your favourite distribution, do not hesitate and take a vote for your favourite distro or bootloader! Otherwise your favourite distro might lose contributors! Current results show that
    • the most popular distro is SHR (over 6 times more users than the Openmoko distributions, followed by Debian Hackable:1 and Android)
    • The most popular bootloader is QI (over 2 times more users than uBoot)
  • On Apr 20th, IDA Systems had announced buzz fix for Indian customers. Exact date of buzz fix is not known yet... These days there has been some activity regarding the same. Currently, the situation is totally unplanned. Please follow this mail to get more information. We think there would be more users of FR that want this fix done in India. Please reply on the mentioned email thread as well (avoid using nabble).
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