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Period 2009-08-06 to 2009-08-19


Qualee 240x320.PNG Qalee

Qalee is a phone environment developed in Qt4 above the fso stack. It works on the freerunner under any distribution that supports Qt4. It's not finished yet but you can test a preview version with the official Qalee distributon. This release includes no new features, but many fixes for things that didn’t work or were incomplete in 0.0.2. You can read full announcement, or take a look at some of changes:

  • Qalee is now based on shr instead of debian.
  • clock widget now shows a calendar when clicked.
  • status panel widget shows gsm network name and power and internet connection status while on wifi or gprs.
  • screen menu : you can now choose the background picture with a cover-flow effect, letting the backlight always on now works.
  • network menu : all entries work, gsm one is a little buggy though.
  • Wifi works despite the the bug in the kernel 2.6.29 opened for 4 month.
  • application menu : to launch application just click on it :) when launched the button becomes green, to close it, press the close button which becomes red and click on the application you want to close
  • power button supports suspend on short press, or menu on longer press.
  • phone application is now litephone modified to use Qalee’s buttons.
  • GorshPlayer is broken, if you have Qt4.5.2 librairies with phonon working on shr, tell me (?)//FIXME
  • keyboard is still literky.
  • Themable interface allows you to change some colours of the interface.

Qalee is in pre-alpha stage, a lot of thinks are not coded yet, other are broken, some may be changed. It's just a preview version of the current work!

Codename: "0.0.3"
Image: images

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?


New Applications

Vba.png VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2

Port of VisualBoyAdvance SDL version

Package: VisualBoyAdvance
Tested on: SHR PipBoy2000

Application Updates

Pisi.png PISI 0.4

PISI is synchronizing PIM data.

  • Contacts domain: OPIMD support added
  • Fixed some bugs (most importantly the SSL dependency problem)

Package: pisi
Tested on: Om2008.12,SHR

Qsuunto-lite.png QSuunto-Lite

QSuunto-Lite is an application to download your logged dives from your Suunto dive computer or view previously dowloaded ones. For those of you who do not own a DC or do not have cables/adapters yet, you can use the samples provided in divetools-ab-samples. I will also provide a fake download tool to simulate a download soon. Whats new?

  • Stylesheet(s)
  • Download via GUI (divetools-ab needed)
  • More settings

Package: qsuunto-lite
Tested on: ?

Intone-1.png Intone 0.66

Intone is mplayer front end for audio files using elementary and sqlite. Manages playlists and albums for you. There is a lot of work going on Intone these days. This is a minor upgrade. Changes are:

  • GUI fixes
  • removed newline character from lyric view
  • made the entry non-editable
  • prints db version on startup (from terminal)

Package: intone
Tested on: SHR,Om2009T5(with SHR libraries)

Evopedia 1.png Evopedia 0.2.1

Evopedia is a Wikipedia reader for offline use. Evopedia 0.2.1 fixes a single bug: the "near articles" feature should work now, if it did not already. Furthermore, the Dutch Wikipedia dump is now ready to use. Features include:

  • live title search
  • search for geographically near articles
  • images are included when there is a connection to the internet

Package: evopedia
Tested on: ?

Podcat 2.0.png PodCat 0.2

PodCat is a podcast player (an mplayer frontend written in Python) with the following features:

  • ability to access any directory on the device and listen to audio files listed by ID3 tag content
  • skipping forward and backwards in the file
  • ability to delete audio files after listening
  • switching headset and speaker audio profiles
  • everything on one screen without menus
It cannot be used for downloading podcasts.

Package: podcat
Tested on: SHR


  • Vasco Névoa has updated Jokes wiki page with some new jokes, which came out while discussing one of FreeRunner design tickets.
  • Marcel created an initial version of the Hall of Fame wiki page. Its task is to inform people about software, which is stable and polished in opinion of "Openmoko discussion list community".
  • Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller of Golden Delicious Computers GmbH&Co recently announced, that they and their partner TRISOFT now have the GTA02A7 models on regular sale and can ship from stock. You can read full announcement on mailing list archive
  • There are some additional photos from The Debconf9 buzz fix party on tuxbrain and picasaweb
  • Thomas White is implementing direct rendering for the Neo FreeRunner, with its SMedia Glamo3362 graphics accelerator. With his great work we will have a well-defined system to share access to the chip, enabling cooperation between the X server and programs using features such as hardware MPEG decoding or 3D graphics. Recently he didn't post much on his blog, but thats just because he spent most of his time and effort for coding. If you are interested in some details about this project, it is here. There are also available videos of Thomas White's work in ogv format, or on youtube

Event News

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