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Period 2009-07-24 to 2009-08-06


Qtmokomain.png QTMOKO

Radek Polak has uploaded new QtMoko debian images. There are still problems with long SMS and contacts import. Changes from previous version include:

  • wifi should work
  • alarm should work (only first alarm after boot, second probably wont ring)
  • greatly improved boot speed (can be even more sped up if you replace bash with dash)
  • fixed blinking cursor after app in QX ended up
  • SSH and other services are starting after Qtopia is up (so you have to wait some time before you can ssh to neo)

Codename: "V6"
Image: images

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?

Qualee 240x320.PNG Qalee

Qalee is a phone environment developed in Qt4 above the fso stack. It works on the freerunner under any distribution that supports Qt4. It's not finished yet but you can test a preview version with the official Qalee distributon. Just download the latest release and untar it on a microSD card (a least 2 Go) formatted with ext2/3. You should use Qi boot loader (or you must create a first fat partition - look at hackable1's instruction).
Qalee is in pre-alpha stage, a lot of things are not coded yet, other are broken, some may be changed. It's just a preview version of the current work!

Codename: "0.0.2"
Image: images

Hardware Works
Neo 1973 yes
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?


Application Updates

OpenBmapGTK-0.4.0-Main.png openBmap 0.4.0

GSM/GPS logger. Help us to build a free database and map of GSM cells coverage. Focus: quality of data. Check how your area is covered at

  • New graphical interface!
  • Glade file path not hardcoded anymore.
  • Application logging level now in config file.
  • Added cells seen statistics.
  • Details in CHANGELOG.

Package: openbmap-logger
Tested on: Om2009T5, SHR, Debian

Mokomaze.png MokoMaze 0.5.5

Mokomaze is the opensource implementation of the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. It is written in C using SDL and adapted for Neo Freerunner. Installation instructions have been updated on homepage. New game mode allows to create levels where screen space is used more rationally (less dead zones). Online level editor was also updated so feel free to share your multi-checkpoint levels. Major changes are:

  • Added "pass-through-checkpoints" game mode + 3 new levels to demonstrate it (##14-16)
  • Latest extended levelpack is included by default now
  • Keep level switching button pressed to fast-forward/fast-rewind
  • Works fine with libode from OM's repository
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

Package: mokomaze
Tested on:

System boot.png Evopedia 0.2

Evopedia is a Wikipedia reader for offline use. After some serious changes in the dump format that will hopefully speed up the title search (aside from cleaning the dump a bit) and other changes in the software, evopedia version 0.2 is ready for testing. At the moment, there is only a dump of the German Wikipedia for evopedia 0.2 but others are being generated. Features include:

  • live title search
  • search for geographically near articles
  • images are included when there is a connection to the internet

Package: evopedia
Tested on: ?

Intone-1.png Intone 0.62

Intone is mplayer front end for audio files using elementary and sqlite. Manages playlists and albums for you. There is a lot of work going on Intone these days. Recent changes include:

  • Fixed some regressions
  • remembers bt state on restart
  • cleans up song tags
  • fixes not playing through headphones after pause bug
  • fixes two done button in set music home directory page

Package: intone
Tested on: Om2009T5,Om2008.8,SHR

Intone-video.png intone-video 0.12

intone-video is an mplayer frontend for playing video. It is best to use it with patched version of mplayer, with included glamo chipset acceleration support. Although the video playing capabilities of the Neo are limited it handles running video in 320x240 mode very well.

Package: intone-video
Tested on: Om2009T5,Om2008.8,SHR


  • Drdeath is working on implementing a true electronic compass for the FR based on the Honeywell HMC5843 geological magnetometer chip. You can monitor the progress of this project as well as place (non-binding) pre-orders on the I2C Compass Wiki Page.
  • The core-team founds a BGB company to facilitate the further development of free and open source middleware for Linux-based mobile systems: "Lauer, Lübbe, Schmidt, Willmann, GbR". This legal entity is offering consulting, training, and implementation services around the middleware platform, also known as FSO. They now have a single point of contact for both commercial and non-commercial parties who want to use our services to create compelling solutions. You can read full announcement on
  • Paul Fertser created Battery_Questions_and_Answers wiki page with answers to most popular battery-related questions. If you wonder about your battery replacement, what can it do or what it can not, this is the right place to start looking for information.
  • SHR logo contest has just started! Logos need to be under a license that allows SHR team to use them. Source svg (or whatever file) besides a nice .png as well is also needed. Preliminary deadline of the contest is end of September 2009. There will be no monetary prizes, but you'll get praise and your design will be seen on millions, ehh, thousands, ehh, well maybe on dozens of phones every day... ;)
  • There is an ongoing effort to create SHR User Manual. It is being written as part of cofundus project. Of course you are welcome to help writing this manual.
  • Matteo Bertozzi just released the 1st developer release of Moko Touch Project. In the past months he played a bit with OpenMoko and QtEmbedded and he has released some source code that allows to develop application using this Framework. You can try it using the Simulator included in the source code. The Project is just started and the source code contains just the UI Framework that handles touches, accelerometer and gestures and the Homescreen app, that allows you to run apps. Also the source code tree contains various example apps where you can learn how to write your apps. A simple video preview of what is done can be viewed here
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