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Period 01, May ~ 22, May, 2009


  • Om 2009 There have been new additions to features and bug fixes to the last image. The latest testing release-4 for May 22th is available here
  • Neovento (formerly FYP) This release has some new features like Zhemes which allows you to change the Zhone/LXDE theme easily and also it's less memory hungry than the ones before.
  • Hackable:1 now offers phone functionality and SMS plus a full PIM suite consisting of contacts, calendar and todo list manager, plus a timesheet time tracker application and more. The detailed steps for installation are here


New Applications

  • Podboy 0.0.1 - pre-alpha release is a podcast aggregator/player written in Python/Elementary
  • notifier 0.2 - This is a simple & great python application to remind you if you miss a call. It's really basic with no spectacular features. More features (Treviño patch) and discussions can be found here
  • omgpsIt is a GPS application, written in C and python (as plugin language). Dependencies are: GTK+, glib, dbus, FSO frameworkd, etc

Application Updates

  • openBmap 0.3.0, GSM/GPS logger to build a free database of GSM cells coverage. Focus: quality of data.
    • Major highlight: beta Neighbour cells log now stable and activated! The neighbour cells are taken into account for statistics and map coverage generation.
    • All the changes here.
    • On the project side, there is now a twitter feed. It gets updated every time uploaded logs start getting processed.
    • Package available in FSO and SHR feeds, and sourceforge.
  • MokoGeocaching 0.4 This is a little gtk python script that searches the site for caches near your current position or a user specified lattitude and longitude and adds the cache as a poi in TangoGPS.
  • PISI 0.2 Enhancements to calendar synchronization, contacts synchronization
  • Mokomaze 0.5.1 with completely new physics and graphics engines is released. Packages can be downloaded here
  • Intone (0.51) Elementary based mplayer frontend. Discussions on the testing of this version can be found here
  • e-tasks (0.20) Elementary based tasks manager has been updated to save notes with tasks.
  • guitartune (0.35) GTK musical instrument tuner has been updated.


  • FrOSCon 2009: Call for Participation The Free and Open Source Software Conference, an annual event held at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany. The fourth edition of FrOSCon will take place on August 22nd/23rd 2009
  • Interview of Sean Moss-Pultz and Christopher Hall for Twit TV and FLOSS weekly
  • New Life in Openmoko Phones Wolfgang Spraul announced another big step in opening the Openmoko Hardware publishing board outline, footprints and netlist under Creative Commons Share-Alike license. He also introduced the GTA02-core project.
  • Opeta is moving! Miguel Angel from Mokardu project show us the first movements of the first Openmoko brained Tank, it turns because there is is only one motor inside, the other is on the way, has to be replaced after some ... hum ... see your own in this short mpg video

Event News

  • 2009-05-22/24 FSOSHRUDCON'09 | Joint FSO/SHR Users and Developers Convention 2009 | to be held in Essen Horst Germany
  • 2009-07-02/05 LVEE 2009 | The 5th International conference of developers and users of free / open source software “Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe” to be held in Grodno (Belarus)
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