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Here is the tenth community update. First of all, I will like to thank Minh for contributing so many updates in the past. Community updates are extremely important to Openmoko; therefore, I will pursue this tradition.

I may not write as well as Minh. So, please give me any feedback/comments that you may have. And, if I miss some details, please feel free to complete it to make it better.

Distribution status update

  • SHR-XMPP works on XMPP. - the light version that ships with pidgin.
  • Gentoo GPRS, GPS and WIFI conectivity is working now. But not through the UI.
  • On January 20th the Openmoko testing builds have been suspended (as planned).

Application information update

ShortOm-Application and shell launcher, with editable config file, and log result page.

Dhmoko-From January 1st to May 3rd you can see and touch 2 Openmoko Freerunners in the DHM (Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin!). They serve as faked cellphones to control a sms-chatwall in the exhibition "Die Sprache Deutsch".

ZOMG!-Fixed one critical bug which could break opkg feeds (don't panic). If this happens it can easily be undone, by hand-checking the feeds you edited (The only way this could have happened to you is if you have edited the feed-title, but not the feed (file)name).

Tichy-Tichy is currently unmaintained. People should use Paroli instead. The paroli project is mainly based on tichy and all changes to tichy are done in paroli repository.

Yaouh!-Yaouh! (Yet Another Osm Updater H) is an utility for update maps of TangoGPS. It checks the md5 sum of remote and local files, if they are different the files are updated. Its retrieves the local storage path from the TangoGPS config. For now OSM maps are supported only.

Pimlico- Pimlico is a suite of lightweight Personal Information Management (PIM) applications designed primarily for handheld and mobile devices. Now this is apparently available as openmoko-contacts2, openmoko-dates2 and openmoko-tasks2 - although only old versions. No up-to-date binaries are available for the OpenMoko. For more information, please see

MBAC-a simple porting of Bulls and Cows, game similar to Mastermind.

Dice Rolling game- Written by kris Occhipinti. The game is programmed in Python, just shake the phone and it rolls 2 dice using random numbers.

Freerunner LightSaber-kris Occhipinti wrote an program function as iphone LightSaber application. Your can get more information here.


  • Zem wrote a set of DBus Access Scripts to store telephone numbers from a set of vcards to your SIM card phonebook. [1].
  • Espoo, Finland -- Nokia announced that its Qt cross-platform User Interface (UI) and application framework for desktop and embedded platforms will be available under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 license from the release of Qt 4.5, scheduled for March 2009.
  • Community meeting - There will be a Cambridge Openmoko pub meet at the Granta, which apparently is on Newnham Terrace., next door to Darwin College, at 7.30pm on friday 30.1.2009. All are welcome; if you have an Openmoko, you are encouraged to bring it. For those navigating by silicon, the postcode is apparently CB3 9EX. To be directly informed about future meets in Cambridge, and/or to have a hand in planning them, please join the mailing list at .
  • Openmoko created a testing mailing list. The purpose of this mailing list is to concentrate all testing related issues/discussions on a single mailing list. Feel free to use it.
  • Since quite some time Werner is working on a stable WiFi driver for the Freerunner. By hooking up the higher layers of the Atheros driver onto the linux kernel stack a lot of buggy Atheros code (roughly 10.000 lines) could be eliminated. The closure of a historic bug marks a milestone towards reliable WiFi. Please help him testing the new driver which comes with linux 2.6.28 (FSO MS5 will include this new version).
  • Jorge and Juan have published their roadmap regarding their work on X11. They intend to port the current kdrive driver to the xorg platform and improve the performance of the driver at the same time. If you are interested in helping out please contact them.
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