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This page gives you access to some regular updates released by the projects, OM or community. All communications channels of the Openmoko community are listed at the Community Resources page.

The official Openmoko updates (discontinued early 2009) can be found in Weekly Engineering News.

You can see the latest edition Community_Updates/current

Post launch series

Rules for community updates

After May 22nd 2009 OM stopped working on community updates. These rules are here to make it possible for the community to keep the updates running.

The draft of the news will be listed here but not on the main page until it gets released. (example, see Community Updates/Draft ). Upon the release of the current updates a new page should be created. The news will be added there. On release, the link will be set on the main page. Detailed instructions below.

Adding news

  1. Don't expect someone else to add it, add it yourself and make it nice
  2. Add links to blog posts, applications, mailing list posts that you think are worth to announce to the whole community


  1. If it's The Release Date and you notice the news has not been released, DO IT! Don't expect someone else to do it for you.
  2. When you release, move the content of Talk: page to the actual wikipage.
  3. Add a link to the released update page to
  4. Prepare the draft page for the next community news: captions, dates etc.. Releasing news on Thursdays every two weeks sound's good to me.
  5. Send a post to the community mailing list with the link to the released news and the draft of the next news.

Ramp up to launch series

Even though Openmoko strives to keep the community informed of the development progress, Openmoko does not provide delivery dates. Instead, Openmoko Inc. reports and discusses the project on a day to day basis, using the openmoko-community mailing list. Developers will wish to follow the progress on the openmoko-kernel mailing list and the devel mailing list. Major updates notices are sent to the announce mailing list.

As FreeRunners started shipping, that series of Community Updates mostly related to the expected release date has been taken over by a more community-oriented newsletter.

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