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All resources listed here are available to the general public. Everyone is invited to participate.

See also the Community Updates board


Applications Directory

We are currently working at a new application repository where people can browse online for their favourite app, vote, comment, and so on.

If you wish to help please subscribe to the SHR-devel mailing list or join our irc channel:


Channel: #openmoko-cdevel

We need your help!

Blogs Aggregator

The blogs of openmoko fans and developpers are aggregated at Only posts tagged openmoko are syndicated. The planet is multilingual. To get your blog added, please open a ticket on the admin-trac (you will need to open an account first).

Forums and Jabber Multi-User Chats

See Discussion Forums. There is very little activity at the The Unofficial OpenMoko Forums, but others forums are more busy.

Discussion boards

See Discussion Boards.

Git Servers

The new official set of repositories for OpenEmbedded as well as Linux kernel, and other used projects can be found at, browsable via gitweb. Nowadays (2009 ->) the only active ones are qi, kernel and xf86-video-glamo.git. Everything else has moved to respective upstreams (like / OpenEmbedded).

To get write access to, see instructions on using trac to ask for access in the mailing list post

The git repositories use gitosis. If you have read & write access to the repositories, asked via the link above, see guide on how to eg. checkout at For example: git clone git+ssh://

Personal repositories and branches

Some members of the community have published their copy of the openmoko repository with private or not-yet-applied changes.


  • #openmoko of Freenode has always a good group for general discussion.
  • #openmoko-cdevel is for community developer channel
  • #openmoko-debian has users and developers running Debian on FreeRunner
  • #openmoko-devel is for Openmoko Inc. internal developers only, sorry
  • #openmoko-de is active within the time constraints of middle Europe. English spoken, if necessary.
  • #openmoko-fi is for Openmoko minded people in Finland
  • #android-on-freerunner can be used to discuss running [Android] on Freerunner

If you experience any build problems and need help from other developers, it is important that you share your complete output log. To share your output log, just paste it to pastebin after submitting it, paste the resulting URL to the IRC channel.

If you aren't an IRC-er, you might want to review the discussions of #openmoko anyways:

(Courtesy of the NSLU2-Linux project) (currently broken as of 2010-02. Use ~logs in IRC)

Mailing Lists

There are several Mailing lists. Archives of these lists can be searched with Markmail. There is a Nabble web interface to read and post to the lists.

The openmoko community mailing list is perhaps the most active.

Many Debian and FSO (FreeSmartphone.Org) discussions take place on the Smartphones-userland list. There are also smartphones-kernel and pkg-fso-maint mailing lists.

If you feel uncomfortable using mailing lists, you can use gmane forum-like interface.

A read-only list where the project does official announcements. We strongly recommend subscribing to this list if you want to stay up-to-date with the major project achievements.


This is a public mailinglist for generic discussion of our user + developer community. It acts as a place where people discuss their dreams/wishes/ideas about Openmoko software and supported hardware, applications, and the like. It's an area of general talking and chatting. Please do not post usage or development questions here.


This is a mailinglist on the Openmoko Distribution. Here issues such as ipk packaging related and root fs image related topics should be discussed. Also, questions regarding the OpenEmbedded based build process go here.


The meetingplace of the documentation team.

This is a mailinglist on Openmoko hardware development: digital, RF, schematics.


This is a public mailinglist for discussion of kernel and bootloader development.


This is a public mailinglist for discussion among actual owners of an Openmoko based device. Here you can ask for assistance, share your experiences, etc. Please keep this list clean of any philosophical debates or general openmoko related discussion. That's what is for! (This list was formerly called device-owners).

local-openmoko lists

Mailing lists in of your region in you own language please ask Michael Siloh (michael at openmoko dot org) to create you own

This is the mailing list for spanish community in spanish language, if you need help, orientation or know what's going on please join us.



log mailing lists : A read-only list where every status updates to bugs (bugzilla entries) were get posted. Nice to keep updated on the bug squashing progress. Gmane: : A read-only list where every source code change (commit to the subversion server) gets posted. Nice to keep posted on development progress. : This is a public read-only mailinglist receiving commit log messages of our web designers. Subscribe to this list if you want to get notified if some of the static content or the templates/skins of our websites change.


  • Community Updates try to sum up what has been happening all over. Updates are also mailed to the openmoko-community mailing list, and major updates are also sent to the announce list.
  • Wolfgang Spraul tries to give a weekly summary of what's going on in Openmoko. You can follow it at the devel mailing list or follow the Weekly Engineering News page.

Openmoko Inc. Internal Resources

There are some resources which are internal. This means that they are only available for internal developers of Openmoko Inc. The reason they are internal is either because they deal with information under NDA, or about business strategy. We kindly ask for your understanding that while we really try to be as open as possible, there are some topics which we have to discuss without public participation.

The internal systems have the domain *

Projects Hosting

At we have a GForge installation. Users can use this as hosting service for their contributed applications.

Trac / Bug Reporting

Our bug ticketing and documentation system for software issues is available at This obsoleted the previously used bugzilla installation which was found at Admin team has extra trac system:


This Wiki is our public wiki, You're already in it, if you're reading this. Due to continued defacements/spam we were forced to limit editing in this wiki to registered users which provide a working email address. Sorry for that.

You can reference the following pages to get more information.

Local Communities / Non-English Languages

See the Openmoko Local Groups





The German Neo1973 community created a Trac-based web site with SVN version control for their community projects: The most notable project is Zad, which consists of a GUI and daemons for GSM/GPRS muxing, GSM, GPS and more, written using Enlightment for smooth, smooth, fast, alpha-blended graphics and glib and dbus for daemons, but the actual code of the project is all python. And yes, you can even make phone calls with it (even without "echo").

FreeYourPhone - erstes deutsches Openmoko Forum:



There is a spanish mailing list.


Russian is a site dedicated to Openmoko phones, its distributions and other Linux/Open Source mobile initiatives (such as Android, Palm webOS, open Symbian Platform and Linux-powered Motorola phones). Also, it serves as a place for general community meeting point.

These are Openmoko-related resources:

  • news
  • wiki
  • forum
  • files (distribution images, scripts, packages and so on made by Russian community members)

Appendix: Obsolete resources


There was a Subversion server available at It is now not used anymore. See obsolete information on this history version of this page.

Obsolete mailing lists NOTE: This mailing list has been closed. Discussion should continue on devel.

This is a mailinglist on the Openmoko Framework. Please use this list to post questions with regard to the Openmoko Framework, the API's, their usage, API change requests and the like.


This is a mailinglist on the Openmoko gsmd (GSM daemon) and the corresponding libgsmd.

Gmane: NOTE: This mailing list has been closed. Discussion should continue on devel.

This is a public mailinglist about the development of the "official" Openmoko applications, e.g. openmoko-dialer2, openmoko-dates2, openmoko-contacts2, and openmoko-today2. Please do not use this list for issues related to third party applications.

Gmane: ' NOTE: This mailing list has been closed. Discussion should continue on devel.

This is a public mailing list for discussion of development related to Openmoko in general. The mailing lists framework-devel and openmoko-apps have been merged into this one. Developers who are writing applications using the Openmoko framework should join this.

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