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NOTE: The community repository described here never really took off. Please use the community repository at instead.

There are many Users Repositories where people can feed software for their Neo smartphones. This diversity makes it sometimes difficult to find the right package for the right distribution. Openmoko Inc. hosts a Community Repository as a central service where independent Neo application developers can release projects, so that installing a new application `just works out of the box'. It is a similar concept to the Universe repository in Ubuntu. The Repository is at:


How to use the repository ?

This feed is already installed by default in Om 2008.8.

Otherwise, see instructions on the installer page. They involve creating a one line file in the /etc/opkg directory.

How to release packages ?

Please use the mailing list: . The package manager derives from opkg, so applications should be released as .ipk files.

Packages in Installer are displayed according to Package Tags. To display a package through Installer, add the appropriate tag message.

Category Tag
Communication group::communication
Development group::programming
Games group::games
Maps group::maps
Miscellaneous group::unknown
Network group::network
Repos group::repos
  • For OpenEmbedded users, add a Tag by adding one line in your bb file
For example:
PKG_TAGS_${PN} = "group::games"

How to contribute ?

We need reviewers who can review new packages. This is currently a low workload. If you want to help, please send e-mail to the mailing list The mailing list:

Reviewers must have the following:

  • an account on
  • ssh public key on
  • basic svn skills
  • basic opkg skills

Openmoko really appreciates your help!

 Current Reviewers

How to create your own repository ?


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