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Michael Shiloh proposed in a mail to make a poll for the Openmoko "Community Member of the Week".

We have changed this (temporarily at least) to "Community Member of the Month", but will retain this page for convenience

"The intent is clearly to identify and appreciate those of you who have made and continue to make substantial contributions, and also to encourage that extra bit of work required to turn a good application into an excellent one, with a nicely polished GUI, a well written user guide, etc."


Week 1: Monday, 31 March

Nominee Reason Votes
Kevin Kevin writes the (almost) daily snapshot review and reports on the progress and problems of the current software. Since I'm not an owner of a GTA01, I can't test the software by myself. Therefore any information about Openmoko makes the waiting for the FreeRunner less bitter. I'm reading the different mailing lists very carefully and come to know of solved bugs and new features. However, Kevin gives with his reviews an impression of the software from a users point of view. And when the FreeRunner is released, I hope Kevin will continue with his reviews so I always know what snapshot is safe to use. Avanc;

Treviño; Iandouglas; GaidinTS; Tingo; Wedge; Dolson; Wurp; kresp0; EsbenDamgaard; Phyce; total 11 votes

Josch Josch has done the really cool hack of getting a full debian installation, complete with XOrg and touch screen support, up and running on a Neo 1973. Also he is a very active member and site-admin at the #neo1973-germany community. Cb22;

Jluis; Marcel_Moczo; fgau; buz; emdete; Dunedan; ctypp; TRIsoft; kriss; edistar; thomasg; HdR; total = 13 votes WINNER!

ScaredyCat ScaredyCat generates his own daily images and publishes them. In these images he "plays around" with alternatives such as the GTK theme. This provides some insight into technical alternatives that can improve Openmoko. He's also quite willing to check for the existance and repeatability of bugs and is constantly active on IRC. Kevin Dean; Sargas; homyx
Andy Green Because he is always present in the ML, help a lot the person with ideas or critics :) He study how to solve problems with patch or workaroud. Other person I think can give more reasons! MicRenda

Week 2: Monday, 7 April

Nominee Reason Votes
emdete Nominated for his great research he does concerning gsm, gprs, gsm7.10 muxing, all the python daemons that allow stable usage of the neo through dbus and the whole zad project also known as openmoko underground. josch, fgau, buz, Marcel_M, edistar
Kevin Why wouldn't past nominees be valid candidates ? (see week 1) Keep up the good work Kevin :) Phyce; jluis; quippini; homyx; wurp; Avanc; Dolson; Treviño WINNER!

Community Member for the month of April

Nominee Reason Votes
name of person you are nominating description of why you think this person deserves to be recognized your name, to register your vote

If you run out of votes in any week, you could look at Community_nominees_for_GTA02_P0 for ideas ...

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