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The document below is intended as a potential starting point for creating an organization to facilitate the Openmoko Free phone community. This document is in its early stages, subject to heavy revision (by you!) and is in no way endorsed or official at this point. Due to the lack of a name or even type of organization, it will be referred to below as "the Organization" so as to not make any hasty assumptions.

A charter should really just contain the basic fundamentals of an organization (e.g. mission statement, who is a member, how the organization is governed). Other policies that get into more specific details of how the Organization should operate will eventually become parts of other documents such as by-laws, code of conduct etc. But we have to start somewhere. Also check out Community_transition.


Mission Statement

The Organization exists to further the development and adoption of Free/Open Source mobile phones by providing organizational resources and infrastructure that facilitate open, community based development of hardware and software.


The Organization is run and maintained by members of the Openmoko community. Eligibility for membership is as follows:

  • agree with the mission, goals and principles of the Organization
  • agree to adhere to the Members Code of Conduct
  • register and pay membership fee to the Organization?

In no way should membership to the Organization ever be denied to any person for reasons of race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, abilities or for any other discriminatory reasons.


The Organization shall be governed by a board of directors who are selected by the membership. The board of directors will be responsible for the overall operations of the Organization, including developing and implementing policy, maintaining finances, and general day to day tasks. The board of directors is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the Organization work towards the mission statement.

The board of directors shall also have the authority to delegate some or all of its tasks and responsibilities to members or sub-groups of the Organization as it sees fit.

It shall be the board's responsibility to seek and use input from the general membership while making decisions for the Organization, while taking care to ensure that those decisions do not cause undue risks to the Organization or its mission.

Board Positions


The Chair of the board will be primarily responsible for:

  • keeping the Organization focused on its mission
  • ensuring smooth operation for the Organization
  • facilitating meetings of the board of directors both offline and online.


The Treasurer will be primarily responsible for:

  • ensuring that the finances of the organization are in order
  • providing regular updates on the Organization's finances to the board and the general membership


The Secretary will be primarily responsible for:

  • recording all official meetings and decisions of the board and making such minutes and policies available to the general membership
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