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This page is for selling, buying or exchanging Openmoko devices and accessories.


For Sale

List here if you have one for sale. By location.



I am in the market for a used phone vw ride at g mail $200



  • I have a working, good shape GTA02 with battery. It has an old 1.6 build of android on it currently. Comes with 512mb $150, paypal accepted. ben at eflow dot org

New Hampshire / New England Area

  • GTA02 850Hz(US). Great condition, 512MB SD-Card(and adapter), Wall-Charger, stylus, neoprene case, headset, and has Android on it currently. PayPal Accepted. Will ship anywhere in the US. $250 Nick: doobe01 AT gmail DOT com

North Carolina

  • GTA02 850Hz(US). Perfect condition, battery is discharged, 512MB SD, original box and equipment present including stylus/pen/laser. (see photo) PayPal accepted. Thinking US$200, make an offer. dino AT ui3 DOT info

San Francisco

  • Two spare GTA02 batteries, and a Neoprene GTA02 carrying case for sale. Make me an offer. Email ken at restivo dot org



1 Oct 2012 Selling OpenMoko FreeRunner from Oct 2008. Bought for software development at the hearing aid company where I was employed back then but never used as I was laid off in Feb of 2009. Complete with charger, carrying pouch, earbuds and original packaging. I even have the original receipt. I accept PayPal. Make me a good offer. tjeerdd *at*


  • Selling Neo FreeRunner A6 + buzzfix. Auction at eBay. Starting bet 75€ plus shipping. Shipping to European Union. Two batteries, invisible shield, sleeve, charger with adaptors, 512MB microSD, original packaging, etc. Paypal accepted.

United Kingdom



  • I am selling a Freerunner, I think it is a A6, but I am not sure. It does not have the buzzfix afaik. I am shipping worldwide as long as you are willing to pay the shipping cost. Contact me and I will calculate the cost. This is included in the package: 1 phone, 1 battery, 1 charger, 1 sleeve. I accept Paypal. The phone has a screen protector installed. The phone is in good condition, I have been using it as my daily phone some time ago, now it has been laying in my closet for maybe half a year.

contact me at [at] gmail . com Make an offer.




List here if you want a phone and what price you're willing to pay. By location.

  • North Carolina, United States

Im ready to ditch my proprietary phone for one which is free (as in freedom). Im pretty serious about it and would buy a new FreeRunner if there was a retailer with US-band models in stock. If you are getting rid of yours please contact me. I am willing to pay a fair price. Now a happy Freerunner owner. In need of a few accessories though. If you are willing to part with some please email: wes (dot) frazier (at) gmail (dot) com

  • New Jersey (Flemington, NJ/Hunterdon County)

I'm starting a GNU/Linux business targeted at the masses and want to buy a Neo FreeRunner. Can't afford more than $150 or so (need money for stock / advertising / other expenses). Willing to work out a deal of some kind 50% now 50% later / trial basis (since it might not suffice given development status) / open to ideas. email: chris (at) domain:

  • Charleston(South Carolina,USA)

I just purchased freerunner. I was looking on and say when the Neo 1973 came out, it had an upgraded package that included several accessories and was all included in a plastic carry box. if anyone has one they would like to part with alonog with an openmoko lanyard, contact me please. nismoadam(at)gmail dot com

  • Mijail

I want to buy NeoFrerunners phone to sell in Argentina. My mail is

  • StealthCP (UK)

I want to purchase a used (or spares/repair) Neo 1973 in order to replace the damaged TFT screen in my Freerunner, condition depends on screen will purchase from anywhere, would pay no more than £100, more if other components/peripherals are included. Contactable in #openmoko or via e-mail at dpreid AT gmail DOT com.

  • klon (Lithuania)

I want to purchase Openmoko stock stylus — the original one with pen, laser pointer and flashlight. My adress is abdullakh ET gmail DOT com

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