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The purpose of this site is to give an overview over car phone holders that are compatible with Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner.

Richter car holding system

The company Herbert Richter Metallwaren offers a modular holding system. You can combine holders for phone's, pda's, etc. with holding components like vacuum cup holders for cars, special holders for bikes, etc. If you want more information visit the company's website.

Example 1

The example systeme uses:

* phone holder HR R1230
* car holder Global 5 HR R1647
* gps antenna holder HR R1612
* Navilock NL-65AT gps antenna

Neo1973 Richter Front1.jpg Neo1973 Richter Front2.jpg Neo1973 Richter Left1.jpg Neo1973 Richter Right1.jpg Neo1973 Richter All1.jpg.

Example 2

* phone holder HR R1230
* car holder Global 5 HR R1580/104
* Navilock NL-65AT gps antenna
* car hifi amplifier AW1438741

For more information of this setup see Neo1973_as_radio_replacement

Neo golf2 1.jpg Neo golf2 2.jpg Neo golf2 3.jpg Neo golf2 4.jpg Neo golf2 5.jpg

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