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This page is to help to see the current status and of web browsers available for Openmoko. Feel free to add test results, also new browsers if you can tell how to install it for a current OM distribution!



The following template should be used for each browsers:

Introduction A quick introduction to the browser
Tested version / Latest version The version that was tested / the latest stable version released (in upstream)
Engine What engine is used to render the web pages
Installation How to install the browser (Also mention the distribution, 2008.12 and SHR are the most interesting)
Start View What you see when you start the browser
Typing in an URL How easy/diffucult it is to go to the URL you want, say
Back / Forward, Stop, Home Do the navigation buttons work
Popups What happens when a a new window is opened by a link? Test was done with
Tabs Does the browser support tabs, how do they work? Can you open tab to background?
Frames Frame support test with
Bookmarks Adding bookmarks and opening sites from the bookmark list
HTML Forms Forms test with
Gmail Can you log in to
Google calendar Can you log in to
Cookies Support for cookies was tested with
SSL Can you go to secured sites like
Password Is the browser able to store your login information. Try WITH A FAKE PASSWORD!!
Javascript Is Javascript supported, also speed test with
CSS How about CSS? Save this page on the disk, open it locally and click 'get all DIV's':
ACID or test results
IPv6 test results
Notes Random thoughts
More information Where to find more information

Browsers to test


Introduction Actually just a test/demo app that has been lately renamed to Eve.
Tested version / Latest version

cd /
tar jxf the files above
DISPLAY=:0 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/e17/lib /usr/e17/bin/ewww

Start View previous/next/refresh buttons, address bar and configuration button.
Typing in an URL Select the old address in the address bar & type the address. Works nice!
Back / Forward, Stop, Home, Refresh Back/Forward and Refresh work nice
Popups No popups with popuptester.
Tabs Don't know. Might support but there's no way to open new tabs.
Frames Works nice!
Bookmarks Has a button for it but doesn't work.
HTML Forms Works nice!
Gmail won't load
Google calendar won't load
Cookies Works nice!
SSL Won't load the page
Password Doesn't remember
Javascript Works, test result 6554 ms
CSS Yes except the popup telling the time
ACID ACID3: 99/100
Notes Rendering works very nice & smooth. Scrolling the pages is easy. Too bad the gmail and secured pages and bookmarks are not implemented. If you need to quickly check the bus timetables, this works nice for it (especially if you've created your own link page in the internet). Remember that this is just a test browser and already replaced by Eve (not avaible for tests?)
More information


Introduction The portable version of Mozila firefox
Tested version / Latest version 1.0b2pre-r3 / 1.0b1
Engine Geck 1.9.1
Installation installed from repository on OM2009 TR4 - need to tweak the prefs.js to have a dpi of 92 for things to look reasonble.
Start View Fenec welcome page
Typing in an URL easy to just type into the location bar at the top - however, the browser seems to crash immediately after browsing to any page.
Back / Forward, Stop, Home not sure
Popups not sure
Tabs not sure
Frames not sure
Bookmarks not sure
HTML Forms not sure
Gmail Not supported - browser crashed
Google calendar Not supported - browser crashed
Cookies not sure
SSL not sure
Password not sure
Javascript not sure
CSS not sure
ACID not sure
IPv6 not sure
Notes Perhaps not the most informative review - however, the overall UI of fennic seems very nice, and the config and internal dialogs I could get to were very polished. Aside from the little detail about crashing on every page I visited, this looks like it has the potential to be a very nice browser. I hope someone can resolve the crashing issue so we can experiment with it more.
More information


Testing on SHR

Tested version / Latest version 0.1.2 / 0.1.6
Engine Webkit
Installation SHR: already there but old
Start View, or set a homepage
Typing in an URL Just type it in the navigationbar
Back / Forward, Stop, Home they work
Popups No
Tabs Tabs present, usable
Frames Yes
Bookmarks Yes
HTML Forms Yes
Google calendar
Cookies Yes,please
Password Can use but not remember
Javascript Yes, 9012ms
CSS Yes, 750ms, but warns about javascript time measure with webkit
ACID 97/100 in ACID3 on OM2008.12 (ACID2 is not so good)
Notes Saving/downloading not supported. Character stream shows. Zooming works.
More information


tested on SHR-testing (2009-03-03)

Introduction Very fast lightweight browser. start-up time less than 1 second (fastest Freerunner application). Configured by editing ~/.dillo/dillorc. Not well suited to finger navigation.
Tested version / Latest version dillo-ssl_2.0-r0_armv4t.opk/2.0 (changelog mentions 2.1, but only 2.0 is available for download)
Engine FLTK2

cd /usr/lib
ln -s
ln -s
opkg -nodeps install dillo-ssl_2.0-r0_armv4t.opk

Start View Its own local index page with help.
Typing in an URL Easy, directly at the address line.
Back / Forward, Stop, Home Work all right.
Popups No popup window appears.
Tabs Tabs work quite well, however, new tab can be opened from the File menu only. loading in the background can be set in dillorc with focus_new_tab.
Frames Frames do not work - dillo offers you to choose which frame to display.
Bookmarks Bookmarks are handled by its own local dynamic web form which allows to add/delete bookmarks and organize them in sections.
HTML Forms Forms work ok.
Gmail Cannot log in :-( Dillo just displays annoying warning about meta refresh tag and clicking it does not go anywhere.
Google calendar No - the same problem as with Gmail.
Cookies Cookie test successful.
SSL Annoying message "The remote certificate cannot be verified (code 20)" for each https page load. But after "Continue" works ok (but not the page from Template - it does nothing, don't know why).
Password No.
Javascript No Javascript.
CSS Some "alpha" CSS support is in. This feature seems to be in development right now (March 2009).
ACID Do not pass (or just partly - requires Javascript?).
IPv6 No.
Notes Good for pages with mostly text and some pictures - works very fast.
Chinese Support For SHR-unstable and dillo-2.1.1, you need install some additional packages:

opkg install tasks-locale-zh-cn task-fonts-truetype-chinese \
glibc-gconv-euc-cn glibc-gconv-euc-tw

then add the following lines in /etc/dillo/dillorc

font_serif="AR PL UMing CN"
font_sans_serif="AR PL UMing CN"
font_cursive="AR PL UMing CN"
font_fantasy="AR PL UMing CN"
font_monospace="AR PL UMing CN"

The latest version of dillo (2.2?) also got the Chinese/Japanese characters line break fix applied.

More information

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