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Nenad Grujicic: some ideas, device and suite icons

Device Icon

Here is a 256x256 png device icon for fic neo1973


save as ..

Openmoko "Suite" Icons Idea:

Mainicon.png Openmokosync.png Mediatransfer.png Ghostbackup.png Filebrowser.png

link My Desktop Screenshot with icons

Application Themes

See also Themes

OpenMoko Wallpapers

Wallpapers for the FreeRunner!

For installation instructions, see the example in Edje.

Billy Mays (RIP) background by Tuna:

Created using the GIMP, with this and GIMP's builtin Plasma Cloud plugin. (I have a desktop wallpaper version too, User_talk:Tuna if you want that.)

Consider this creative commons or whatever.

Abstract Backgrounds:

here are my openmoko inspired derivative backgrounds for the device. the colors are slightly off between my linux box and the openmoko. so they do not appear exactly as they do on your screen--Jerjozwik 07:30, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

PC Wallpapers

OpenMoko themed wallpapers for your desktop/laptop!

See also Desktop wallpaper gallery

Logo Plain


black white transparent

Logo Wired 3D


black white

Tux loves OpenMoko

Some variations on one picture. (Feel free to use!)

MokoTux L.png MokoTux M.jpg MokoTux S.jpg MokoTux XS.jpg

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