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Android is one of the many distributions that currently work on the Openmoko phones. You can compare a distribution with an Operating System on normal computers. It gives the phone all the software needed for operating. For more information about the different flavors, see distributions.




Android usage provides a brief overview to get started.

NOTE: The Android for FreeRunner development is hosted on

This page is the central place for documentation about Android on the FreeRunner handsets.

Android is a software stack for mobile devices developed by the The Open Handset Alliance. Although Android is publicized as being open source software (most of the source code has been released) parts of the code have not been released yet.

A stable and working version of Android Cupcake is available for the Feerunner. The Froyo version is also available and continuously being improved. It is likely, in the near future, to be the distribution most suited for using the FreeRunner as a phone.


See: Android usage for detailed instructions on using Android on the FreeRunner.


Installing Android on Openmoko Freerunner


Currently the development is done on Android-on-Freerunner (

See: Android porting


  • 01 Oct 09 - new Home ( including googlegroup,IRC,mailinglist,... )
  • 19 Sept 09 - from Koolu-Forum: ..."So I'm glad to announce a new Android Cupcake release for Freerunner! It's basically a merge of the Koolu code with Michael Trimarchi's enhancements and a few bug fixes and cosmetic things I've added. You can download it at our new Google Code site: "...
  • 22 May 09 - Koolu Releases Beta7 [1]
  • 15 April 09 - Koolu Releases Beta6 [2]
  • 07 March 09 - Panicking released a cupcake rootfs
  • 26 February 09 - As promised, Sean McNeil has released source code to GSM libraries Source
  • 20090204 Koolu releases its Beta3 Android release.
    • Changelog:
      • Added GPS library that supports GPS under Android
      • MAX_PROCESSES patch to enable more background processes to be run (fixes Pictures application)
      • Added Dalvik optimization setting
      • Started including 3rd party applications
      • Updated user interfaces for GPS and Bluetooth to match new kernel
      • Now report RSSI of Wifi signals to upper application layer
      • Enable libsoundpool compilation to support audible clicks
  • 20090122 Koolu releases its Beta2 Android release.
  • 20081219 Koolu releases its Beta Android Image and kernel.
  • 20081104 The first Android-image has been successfully created by Sean McNeil! - sms and calling works, wifi and bluetooth doesn't. news-source

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