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  • There could be a description of Openmoko/Neo1973 features
  • There could be a short story about what Openmoko/the Neo1973 does different:
    • e.g.:
After leaving work your Neo's GPS automatically switches your Alarm Profile from 
Silent to Loud and guides you to the next gas station. At home, your Neo automatically 
deploys its WiFi functionality, retrieves your email (free of charge) and activates 
voice over ip capabilities (free of charge). 

And so on...

    • e.g.:
Neo: Hi, I'm a Neo.
iPhone: And I'm an iPhone.
* iPhone looks on a big map and tries to orientate himself
Neo: What are you doing?
iPhone: I try to locate myself by using Google Maps.
Neo: Oh, that doesn't seem to be very exciting. I use GPS for that kind of stuff. 
Works automatically.
iPhone: GPS, yeah?
Neo: Yes. Oh, wait, I'm entering the cinema. I think, it's better for me, to 
switch to stand-by now. See you after the movie.
iPhone: Oh, bye.
* Neo leaves, iPhone looks on the map again.
iPhone: Oh, here we are! Finally... 


    • e.g.:
Scene: Completely blank white background.
Two people enter the frame.
Moko: Hi, I'm an Openmoko
iPhone: And I'm an iPhone
* Openmoko looks like he's enjoying himself
iPhone: What are you doing?
Moko: Oh, I just downloaded this great new game I came across. Want to try it?
iPhone: I, er, I can't play new games. I've got this great game of solitaire, though!
Moko: That's a shame. Nothing at all?
iPhone: Well, I can play games off the web. Some of them. Want a game of bejeweled?
Moko: ...thanks, no. I'm fine.


  • There should be some pre-composed basic information that can be copy'n'pasted into one's Myspace/Facebook/whatever/-profile.
  • There should be some pre-composed advanced information for press/blogs/mobile service providers

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Adam Krikstone did some nice Openmoko video ads: (youtube)














Sound empathy / Jingle

  • There should be some kind of jingle for Openmoko, just like this "Hello Moto" thing from Motorola
    • Number one (suggestions/whishes? Topic: sth. with Openmoko)
    • Number two (

Thoughts, Notions

General Ideas

  • What is advertised?
  • If we advertise a phone by claiming it can do everything maybe no one will buy it.
  • Question: Who is supposed to buy this phone?
  1. Average Phone User probably only wants a phone to make calls. Why would he buy an opensource linux phone with additional command line? We need reasons for him to buy a phone running Openmoko:
    • Easy to use (not implemented though ;-)
    • Rich and powerfull text input methods
    • MS Outlook/whatever Sync
    • Music and video playing capabilities (not fully implemented?)
    • (please add)
  2. Advanced Phone User: won't be hard to persuade him. As we likely are all advanced phone users it will be easy to find reasons/features for him to buy this phone:
    • GPS-based profiles
    • Seamless GPS-based GSM/WiFi/VoIP-switching
    • NFS file sync (maybe possible)
    • (please add)
  3. Technophobe Phone User really needs some reasons for this phone:
    • Really easy to use (really not implemented ;-)
    • Flashy UI look
    • (please add)
  4. Businesses/Government (Entities willing to roll their own code in-house to get the functionality they desire from a smart-phone)

Further Ideas

Something that came to me passing some mobile service provider's outlet today. This should be done when GTA_02 is available and software running.

A guy walks into a mobile service provider's outlet or approached by the outlet's staff. The guy asks the clerk about their phones and ends up showing him his Neo. He explains him the Neo's features that stand unrivaled to any of the mobile service provider's offered phones and eventually leaves him completly flabbergasted and pondering about the meaning of life and mobile connectivity/whatever

--Minime 16:58, 7 July 2007 (CEST)

A dude dressed in t-shirt and jeans (deja-vu?), walks through a crowded lane. Everyone except him are dressed in prison clothes and march in the opposite direction with their "closed" phones, some of the guys look at this "free" man and stare. To add to the effect we play an ambient techno music and everything is white in colour. The man walks in front of the camera, at that moment, gets a call, smiles and says "Hello World...", We then fade into the "Free your phone" and "Openmoko" thingy as seen in the rocking youtube videos.



"The Phone" for "The Matrix" tm.
"The One Phone" for Mddle-earth.
"The Next Generation Phone" for "Star Trek" tm conventions.
"The True Phone" for religious occasions.
"The Liberated Phone"

"The Phone with the only force" (wheel of time)
"The diy phone" (steampunk scene)
"The ZAT'NI'KATEL'PHONE" (stargate)

Unleash your phone.

"The Open Phone"
"Our Phone"
"The Human Phone" (ok, sounds a bit like Ubuntu)
"Free your Phone" (wich obviously is not the same as "The free phone". It sounds good, and is already used in the youtube ads)
"More then a Phone"
"The Phone from people to people"
"The Freedom Phone"
"Teh ub3rz h4ck70r7 Ph0n3!!11oneeleven"

Everyone wants to be an individual these days. How about something like:

"The individual phone."
"_Your_ phone."
"Express yourself!"
"Express yourphone!"
"It's yours."
"It's in your hands."
"It's up to you."
"Expand your Mind!"
"Communicate yourself!"

Wordplays are very good too.

"Openmoko - If you call for more."
"Openmoko and you will call attention."
"Openmoko - Don't call for help."
"Openmoko - With a phone jack."

Apparently stupid statements call attention too, I think.

"It's mobile"
"_You_ can change the battery."
"You can simply buy it."


See: Testimonials

Controversial Issues

  • We need to be careful about using copyrighted material (e.g. youtube)
    • Other legal issues...?
    • Be aware of what we are advertising: What functions does Openmoko currently feature, what is planned and what not? Are functions advertised protected by patents?
  • What is the community's goal in advertising?
    • Are we advertising Openmoko?
    • Are we advertising the Neo1973? And if so, is this our job? The Neo1973 is after all, a commerical product.

Word of mouth

Or: the phone so cool that you learn about it via word of mouth, as with most open software things, and not via advertising.

Of course you will still have to prove that your grandparents can use it, daily, before you promote it, advertising or not.

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