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3D7K (previously known as GTA03) was the codename of a phone that was in development by Openmoko. The development of this phone was cancelled.

The 3D7K would have been based on a more advanced system-on-a-chip of same family as the Neo FreeRunner (GTA02). It would have differed from it by having EDGE and a camera. 3D7K would not include support for 3G networks because of the high price of 3G chips for low volume phones [1].

Speculations: This article or section documents a device that is not yet confirmed formally and the device (if even released) may differ from the specifications given here. This page is based on well educated guesses, not facts.

3D7K Specifications

The 3D7K introduced several major hardware changes from GTA02 :



  • SMEDIA Glamo

GTA03 Evaluation Board

  • 2008-08-11: the 25 first GTA03EVB arrived in office
  • 2008-08-12: U-boot ported to GTA03EVB (Matt)
  • 2008-08-12: The core can run at 533 MHz with 133MHz SDRAM
  • 2008-08-12: GTA03EVB Hardware Verification of the u-blox 5 Antaris
  • 2008-08-12: GPS performance tested
  • 2008-08-18: GTA03EVB Hardware Verification of the Siemens MC 75i EDGE MODEM


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