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This page describes how to enable Calypso GSM modem deep sleep after performing a hardware fix of bug #1024 aka recamping or oscillating of the Calypso GSM modem used in Openmoko Neo Freerunner.



Hardware bug #1024 creates a condition when the gsm modem is oscillating between registered / not-registered. This causes the phone to be unavailable at times. Distribution maintainers have been able to use a software setting to disable suspend of the gsm modem in order to work around this bug. The downside is that with this workaround the modem never sleeps and consumes more energy than needed.

If you decide to undergo a hardware fix of your phone you have to reconfigure your distribution to allow the gsm modem to go to sleep again in order to actually make use of the modem sleep function and therefore extend your battery life.

Bug trac:

Bug detection

Not every Freerunner suffers this issue. To check if your phone has the bug #1024 please use this test script:

(This script will only work on FSO based distro. Also, this script is not 100% perfect, another way is to use frameworkd with ti_calypso_sleep_mode = 'adaptive' and inspect the logs. Frameworkd will tell you, when a real recamping exists)


import dbus
import dbus.glib
import gobject
import datetime
def onNetworkStatus(status):
    if 'cid' in status:
        print '[%s] Signal : cid=%s, lac=%s' %  (,status['cid'],status['lac'] )
        print 'register first'

bus = dbus.SystemBus();


main_loop = gobject.MainLoop()

Run it like this:

root@om-gta02 ~ $ > dsc.log

If you have something like this:

[2009-09-09 12:36:09.189663] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48
[2009-09-09 12:36:15.088936] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48
[2009-09-09 12:38:10.442808] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48
[2009-09-09 12:38:13.020126] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48
[2009-09-09 12:40:25.772918] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48
[2009-09-09 12:40:28.620096] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48
[2009-09-09 12:41:17.557676] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48
[2009-09-09 12:41:20.404582] Signal : cid=3BB3, lac=0D48

Then you have the bug (trying to connect to GSM every second). Please note that cid is always the same.

Correct output might not show any messages or look like this:

[2009-10-18 07:51:27.107655] Signal : cid=4E91, lac=006A
[2009-10-18 07:52:45.145288] Signal : cid=4E7B, lac=006A
[2009-10-18 07:53:18.218122] Signal : cid=4E91, lac=006A

You can see the cid changing.

Bug detection by fso

Just use frameworkd with ti_calypso_sleep_mode = 'adaptive' and inspect the logs. Frameworkd will tell you, when a real recamping exists.

Hardware bug fixing

To perform the hardware update, please check description here:


After the fix, please recheck again with the script as above. Under normal circumstances you would only see these messages with a change of cell, so cid would be different.

If your fix was successful you can change setting to allow Calypso deep sleep:

Enabling/allowing Calypso GSM modem deep sleep

FSO2 based distros (SHR, Debian)

Edit /etc/freesmartphone/conf/GTA02/fsogsmd.conf

deep_sleep == "always"

Then kill fsogsmd and restart fsodeviced or reboot the phone.

FSO based distros (SHR, Debian, OM2009...)

Edit /etc/frameworkd.conf , it should contain:

ti_calypso_deep_sleep = always

Then restart framework or reboot the phone.

/etc/init.d/frameworkd restart

QT based distos (Qtopia, QTExtended, QTMoko...)

Since qtmoko v24 you can use program called NeoControl which is installed by default.

Or you can edit /opt/qtmoko/etc/default/Trolltech/Modem.conf , it should contain:


Make sure it's also in users directory:

cp /opt/qtmoko/etc/default/Trolltech/Modem.conf /home/root/Settings/Trolltech/Modem.conf

And reboot.

Hackable:1 (rev.5)

As said in and other discussions: hackable:1 does not use frameworkd but gsmd.

To enable deep-sleep mode:

-download and install (or extract)

-edit /etc/default/gsmd and uncomment the "VENDOR=ti-deepsleep" line: this will add a

"-v ti-deepsleep" to the deamon command line. 

-Restart gsmd.


Currently Android on Freerunner is hard coded to use AT%SLEEP=2 to avoid deep sleep mode entirely; there is a discussion about providing editable property in Androids init.rc startup file.

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