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Here a simple page to list all zagg protection discount codes (20%). You can use these numbers when buying InvisibleShield protectors.

Take a discount code from the top when buying your protector. Please edit this page, remove the number you used and add "I used this code" in the "Summary:" field of the edit page. You can mention in the summary if you need to edit the page because you find a code invalid & need to take another.

When adding your discount code to the list please do so sorted by chronological date expiration (normally at the bottom).

(This list should grow quicker than it's used, please add your entries after using)

Here's the list (20%)

  • z5h67x (purchased on 8 September)
  • 25ckt7
  • tg2nfr
  • n1p2kb (purchased on 9 September)
  • 137d6h (purchased on 9 September)
  • v9zhpr (purchased on 10 September)
  • fbwvpx (purchased on 10 September)
  • gcnqy2 (purchased on 25 September)
  • 5qy20k (purchased on 25 September)
  • cd291x (purchased on 26 September)
  • 19fchx (purchased on 26 September)
  • yj0kcp (purchased on 27 September)
  • 0nghfm (purchased on 30 September)
  • 3jsyxv (purchased on 30 September)
  • dh73vs (purchased on 4 October)
  • 89znsh (purchased on 4 October)
  • ksr6f8 (14 October)
  • s9y368 (14 October)
  • nmwgpq (17 October) (has already been used)
  • hj21x8 (17 October) (has already been used)
  • 4mrh0d (18 October) (has already been used)
  • tq9z4n (18 October) (has already been used)
  • m03n6d (21 October) (has already been used)
  • 12bjcr
  • nkgj92 (29 October)
  • q1jrs0 (29 October)
  • yd0cq3 (11/3)
  • 8r9x6c (11/3)
  • mtdp5h --Fox 13:03, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

This one can be reused, and appears to be a 15% discount.

  • techound1 (end date: unknown, good as of 25 September, worked at 14 October and Oct 18th and Dec 23rd and Jan 2nd 2009)

Daily Discount Codes on Invisible Shield's Facebook Page with codes for over 20% savings.

Another location for daily discount codes with savings of 20-50% off!

If your discount does not appear in the invoice, ask for it using Zagg's contact web form, and it should be given as a partial refund.