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Hardware wishes warning! This article or section documents a Hardware Wish List item, the features described here may or may not be implemented in future devices.

3D Viewport

The 3d Viewport works much like a first person shooter game. But instead of using the mouse to control what you see, you simply move the Neo1973. To zoom in, move the phone closer to the virtual object. To see it from the other side, move the phone to the other side of the object.

To move a virtual object to a new virtual position, mark the object, and drag it with a finger on the display to the desired position. While dragging with the finger you can still move the phone.

The 3D object may be a map with heights. Using Auto Align Map the map will be aligned the right way. Tilting the phone will show the heights of the map.

2D variation

The 2D viewport will show a part of the picture that is larger than the screen. But zooming in is done by moving the Neo closer to the person (opposite the 3D viewport). Panning is done like the 3D viewport. To stop panning and still move the phone, hold a finger on the screen. This may be useful for showing maps.

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