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Collection of free music/ringtones/sounds we'd like to listen in the next Neo release.

Where to find free music and sounds

Licensed in a way that allows free redistribution, such as creative commons by, by-nd, by-sa, gpl, public domain, etc.


Retro 1973

This theme is about old sounds.

freesound user: hlaghl password: dongs (thank you,

Ringtone: "Old phone bell"

Startup: "Woslo"

Notify: "Ping1"

Notify Error: "nma02"

SMS: "Old telegraph"

  • Description: Old telegraph with some noise saying "SMS" in morse code
  • Artist: you?
  • Sound URL: echo sms | cw
  • Sound info URL:

Alarm: "Old alarm clock"

Alarm: "Old alarm clock" (other option)

Shutting down: "themfish power down"

Musical Moko

A musical theme for the Neo1973. All songs are in Ogg and Mp3 format, hope you dig 'em. -Glen

List of Sounds

  • 01 - Phone On / Moko Theme: A semi-ethereal piano part.
  • 02 - Sent SMS: A three note chime sequence.
  • 03 - Sent SMS vA: A single ping with a little sustain.
  • 04 - Notify Beeps: A double beep notification.
  • 05 - "Freedomoko" Ringtone: An adventurous organ ringtone.
  • 06 - Error 0: A cheeky error sound.
  • 07 - Error A: A tri-note error sequence.
  • 08 - Received SMS: A catchy piano part.
  • 09 - Received SMS vA: (A): A fuzzy/soft piano line.
  • 10 - Relaxed Alarm: Three soft rings on a bell. Could also be used for 'Notify'.
  • 11 - Phone Off: Four quick Music-Box notes.
  • 12 - Phone Off vA: A softer and slower off sound.


Ringtones and sounds without theme


Ringtone: Spong

Ringtone: My Key Dub

Ringtone: Clasic Ring

Startup sounds

Notify sounds

  • (nothing yet)

Notify Error sounds

  • (nothing yet)

New message sounds

STAB 016 mastered 16 bit

Alarm sounds

  • (nothing yet)

Shutting down sounds