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Why this page ?

If you subscribe for a mailing list, you will see people speaking, answering some questions, but you may ask:

  • Who is who?
  • Who can I trust when they say something ?

So I propose to fill this list to help people knowing each other

Officials members of the Openmoko Team

The Openmoko team (alphabetical by last name):

Username / email Name Position
Allen Chang Allen Chang GTA Hardware Engineer
? at openmoko dot ? Anthony Chang Software Developer
? at openmoko dot ? Jeremy Chang Software Developer
jollen at openmoko dot org Jollen Chen Marketing
tick at openmoko dot com Tick Chen Software Developer
charlie at openmoko dot org Guillaume 'Charlie' Chereau (title unknown)
julian_chu at openmoko dot com Julian Chu Software Developer
zecke at openmoko dot org Holger 'Zecke' Freyther Software Developer
andy at openmoko dot com Andy Green Software Developer
raster at openmoko dot org Carsten Haitzler Software Developer
Matt_Hsu Matt Hsu Software Developer
? at openmoko dot ? Wendy Hung Testing
? at openmoko dot ? Regina Kim Testing
will at openmoko dot com William Lai Design Team Project Manager
Mickey Michael 'Mickey' Lauer Software Developer
? at openmoko dot ? John Lee Software Developer
Tim_Lee Tim Lee Hardware Manager
marek at openmoko dot com Marek Lindner Software Developer
xiangfu at openmoko dot org Xiangfu Liu Software Developer
? at openmoko dot ? Jan 'Shoragan' Luebbe Openmoko student (part-time)
steve Steven Mosher Vice President of Marketing
Sean Sean Moss-Pultz CEO
jOERG Joerg Reisenweber Hardware Engineer
Michaelshiloh Michael Shiloh Head of Developer Relations
wolfgang at openmoko dot com Wolfgang Spraul Vice President of Engineering
Roh Joachim Steiger Central Services
harry at openmoko dot com Harry Tsai Vice President of Sales
Tony Tu Neng-Yu 'Tony' Tu Software Developer
brenda_wang at openmoko dot com Brenda Wang Wiki editor
LaForge Harald Welte (Left Openmoko. Here for archives.)
DanielWillmann Daniel 'Alphaone' Willmann Software Developer
ThomasWood Thomas Wood (title unknown)
olv at openmoko dot org OLV Wu Software Developer
? at openmoko dot ? Erin Yeh Software Developer

GTA01 Owners

Username Real name Nationality Remarks
1. jluis José Luis Perez Diez Spanish Barcelona
2. liuxf Xiangfu liu Chinese CHN-CUGSM
3. Kevin Dean Kevin Dean USA Washinton DC Metro Area
4. Quicksand Clarke Wixon USA San Francisco Bay Area
5. Wurp Bobby Martin USA Dallas/Fort Worth Area
6. Tranter Jeff Tranter Canada Ottawa

GTA02 (Freerunner) Owners

Username Real name Nationality Remarks
1. User

Future Owner

(must be
prefixed by
Real name Nationality Remarks
1. Sleg Cédric D French Curious about this future device, will buy one ASAP
2. Zedd_D1abl0 Jordan Keith Australian Living in Australia, waiting for consumer release
3. quatrox Flemming Richter Mikkelsen Norwegian waiting for developer release
4. Simarillion Michael German already preordered
5. Treviño Marco Trevisan Italian Just waiting for a mobile hacking platform!
6. CdnVapour150C Matt Crane Canadian Eagerly waiting GTA2 release
7. mmanjos Matt Manjos Canadian Living in Ottawa, going to buy the GTA02
8. bastian Bastian Muck German Student (IT), waiting for shipment to buy one
9. dalnefre Dale Schumacher American Why would editing this page make you trust me?
10. Phyce Philippe Guillebert French Eagerly waiting for GTA02 :)
11. Nyq Andrea Debortoli Italian It's nearly here!
12. Avanc Sven Klomp German Hopefully I can move my name to the table above within the next few weeks :-)
13. tdido Tomás Di Doménico Argentinian Also waiting...
14. Methril Rafael Campos Spanish A little bit impatient to get one. :D
15. BMK789 Brandon Kruger American Need one soon!
16. Kozapatista Kosa Mexican About to wait no more! :D
17. Yorick Yorick Belgian anxious to get one

Other (Specify)

Username Real name Nationality Remarks
1. User