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For information about the official downloads and distributions, see Download. A Community Repository hosted by Openmoko Inc. was setup in August 2008.

WARNING: Never add feeds which are not for your installed distribution. Mixing feeds will break your system.

Angstrom Repository

Angstrom is the base distribution of Openmoko Linux distribution. It contains the basic set of Linux applications and they should be compatible with Openmoko. The repository package listing.

To add the unstable Angstrom feed, update your /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf to include a line:

src/gz base

On Om 2008.8, run the following commands from the Neo:

echo "arch base 50" > /etc/opkg/angstrom-feed.conf
echo "src/gz base" >> /etc/opkg/angstrom-feed.conf

This repository contains the following useful packages:

  • Pidgin - Instant Messaging. Can connect to MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ with additional plugins
  • Minimo - Web Browsing. AJAX capable, based on the Gecko rendering engine
  • Navit - Car Navigation with Routing Engine


Jalimo is a project to maintain a full featured free Java-like stack for mobile Linux-based devices. The aim is to pack and tailor existing JVM-related projects, as well as to develop APIs and tools for easy integration and development for the target platforms.

OpenMoko provides most of Jalimo's packages through their own repository, but some packages have not been merged yet and are available through Jalimo's repositories. Run the following two commands to add them:

echo "src/gz jalimo" > /etc/opkg/jalimo-feed-all.conf
echo "src/gz jalimo-armv4t" > /etc/opkg/jalimo-feed-armv4t.conf

unsatisfied libgcc-s1 dependency: Currently you will get an error when installing OpenMoko packages from our repository since Jalimo is using OpenEmbedded's .dev branch to built the packages but OpenMoko is not. A workaround is to add -force-depends to the opkg command until we figured this out: opkg install -force-depends classpath

ChooseOpen (2007.2) (Qtopia)


Latest recommended snapshot review


ScaredyCat also has a opkg repository for 2007.2 where e.g. gpe-filemanager and a lot more (e.g. ntpd) can be installed from. On the Neo do:

cd /etc/opkg
opkg update
opkg install gpe-filemanager
opkg install gpe-timesheet
opkg install gpe-todo
opkg install mysql
opkg install mtpaint
opkg install sqlite
opkg install ntp
#(you get the idea)
/etc/init.d/xserver-nodm restart    # to make the new applications appear in the menu


Here you will find the project which are related to the MokSec (OpenMoko Security) project. The packages works under FSO, but have to work also on other distribution.

To add the repository to your Neo use the following command:

echo "src/gz moksec-testing" > /etc/opkg/moksec-testing.conf

mwester unofficial builds


Celtune offers Standard-Builds (.jffs2, .tar.gz, .bin, .ipk) and several special-images with additional packages (e.g. monster-images,navigation-images,...)

For more info take a look at

You can find images, kernels and packages for other devices too on (e.g. HTC-Blueangel, Asus730W ...)

A huge number of packages is located at

Use the following line to add celtune's feed to your neo:

cd /etc/opkg && wget


The official feeds can be found at . The hosting is with thanks to our friends at NSLU2-Linux and Open Source Labs.


Jec hosts automatic IPKG builds for Openmoko on a dedicated server (P4 3.2 GHz) connected directly to Internet. Interested maintainers can contact Jean-Eric Cuendet < ml.jecuendet at > for an account. Packages are at : . Created 9/9/2008, so I would not add it as a feed but opkg install URL.


Repository for Gtkaddpoi, Gpsdcontrol, TwitterMoko, OpenVibe, I'm Rich and Yaouh!.

cd /etc/opkg


If you want to add a link, it would be nice to enforce a standard format of these feeds so that they can be browsed automatically.