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Currently generating OM2008.2, OM2008.8 & FSO builds on the Neo Freerunner from OE (bitbake - portage from first principles!). Painful & time consuming. I'll be sharing the pain here for the pleasure of others.

Generating openmoko environments on a venerable headless, X Windows-less Gentoo box. Last sync'ed on 20080823.

20080823: Starting with Rod Whitby's Mokomakefile, after a few informal & unsuccessful attempts at bitbaking and reading around, I've changed OM_GIT_BRANCH to ASU testing:


+OM_GIT_BRANCH := org.openmoko.asu.testing # ASU testing

Hopefully this will bring some stability to the chaos.

1st issue: make openmoko-qtopia-x11-image fails at /openembedded/packages/qtopia-phone/, do_compile package qtopia-phone-x11-4.3.2+git0+dfc2b2c070c0b5feeeb073f1751f3cab8b8fc9a7-r39.1 appears to want a local, native libXtst available.

Not sure why. Perhaps for local qemu. emerge'd it locally & cranked the bitbake handle again. This time for sure ...

NOTE: build 200808230805: completed
[ -d stamps ] || mkdir stamps
touch stamps/openmoko-qtopia-x11-image