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I disagree to move the WirelessUSB section to the expansion section. What is the reasoning behind this?
WUSB should become the de-facto standard for high-speed wireless data traffic, and as such I see this as an embedded feature, not an expansion slot/device/..
Bye Martin (aka Barnasc)
You also replaced some text: "Chipsets suitable for a phone are likely to take some time to be available."
Not true.
Google a bit and you will find that Nokia introduced this already at the 3GSM. Other companies are working also on mobile versions.
In moving Parental control to User Profiles several wish list features were lost for example restriction of access to internet (and thus the maybe use of a filtering proxy) also the concept of alerts only if the phone is outside a set location at a set time.
If these are covered elsewhere please let me know, otherwise I will look to re-insert.
Thank you.

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