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Modular phone

Your attitude is hindering more than helping.

I appreciate the approach I am suggesting may not produce the same result as the Neo1973, or be appealing to everybody, but it is something I believe has merit - particularly the modularity aspect. Your comment 'it is larger and heavier', and arguments over the price differences of one component (particularly when the price is revealed in a few hours) are not much use, unless they are quantified - they come off as negative and add no real value.

I've already said I will produce size comparisons when specs are released and these are now included - these will eventually include weight.

If you have something useful to add, please do. If you do not find the project worthwhile and cannot make the effort to do some research to back up what you say, move along.

Perhaps you could work out the exact weight? Or the size? myfanwy 14:00, 16 July 2007 (CEST)

I misread the date that pricing is released - I simply have doubts that a module with all the features - including GPS - where GPS is stated as an additional to the goliath platform - is going to be under $100, given that all GSM modules even bare that are available globally are >$100. I do not think it is unreasonable to point out flaws in a design that may cause problems with its implementation. For example, you state in the page "From Sketchup models supplied by Gumstix, the size will be around 120 x 67 x 17mm. This is the smallest cuboid into which the components will fit. The case will add approx. 2mm to this - battery, screen, microSD and other components should fit into voids between the main circuit boards." which is clearly impossible in the case of the screen, as it has to go on top, and is approximately the same size as the goliath board. Consider also that you don't mention that you've missed out sound. As I understand it, the sound connectors on the Goliath board are solely for the GSM unit. I would not have commented on the $100 - if you'd have put in any cites at all for that price. But I did look on the community mailing list for gumstix, and found no indications at all. I did not of course read every message.

130*70*26mm (17mm for Goliath,2mm for case bottom, 1mm chassis between the LCD and motherboard, 4mm for screen, 2mm for case over screen) is considerably larger than the Neo. I don't think it's unfair to raise this. It would also not provide a usable phone unless you add some sort of text/number entry solution, again, this is reasonable to raise on a page which is titled "modular phone". The weight of the display alone is 50g,

I will add cites and rational on the talk page for any future edits.

Hi! - [[Category:InProgress]] is not needed anymore, because the category Category:In progress has now been made - and the template:InProgress automatically inserts the Category:In progress. kind regards, --Glenn 18:20, 26 July 2007 (CEST)

Wishlist Labels

Regarding your change here: Variometer
Does the category hardware_ideas not imply Wishlist