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== Love story ==
Love, is such in admiration of somebody's fame its wonderful, is such complex, is not in the imagination that simple. Loves too deeply is really tired, wants to result in too many is really very bothersome, wish simple really good difficult, an injury, why do not I know, if must say, that can only say you should not meet me. Misunderstands you, is my mistake, has injured you, is my mistake, meets me, is your mistake.
Why can you pay your love? I am not worth you loving. Looked at your diaries, has at heart plants wound in admiration of somebody's fame. Each love's tragedy, some will say that you must certainly be happy, must be happier than me. I only want saying that has forgotten me, because only then has forgotten me, you only then can be happy. And now in this game world, I also felt that I am so happy, but that I also miss you, and that the more I miss you the more I want to buy [  World of Warcraft CD Key]. In the network that many people, you and I are that ordinary acquaintances, to the dear friend, this kind of reason should treasure, but perhaps this calls to be predestined friends does not have the share.
My love is such selfish; your love is such great. But that in the game world at first time I did not believe this kind of love, and that when I buy [  WoW CD Key] that I told myself that the next time I never play this game. And that I knew that sometimes maybe the game world also is true, and that they met in the game world, but that the true love exists in anywhere.
== Ambition in World of Warcraft power leveling ==
Ambition is the decision one makes and the resolution with which he carries out that decision. It provides us with the required driving force to accomplish any undertakings in our life. Just as Joseph Epstein, a famous American writer put it, “And as we decide and choose, so are our lives formed.” Indeed, once we make up our minds to choose to do [  World of Warcraft power leveling], then our life becomes meaningful and specifically orientated. This notion of life, as far as I observe, is closest to truth and does apply to almost all aspects of life.
First things first, ambition renders us a sense of mission. No matter what decision you make you have to be responsible for your [  Wow power leveling]. Your choice procures you a sense of orientation, or more specially a sense of mission. And only a strong mission may enable one to accomplish greatness. Caesar of the ancient Roman Empire was urged by his ambition “I came, I saw, I conquered.” And became an unrivaled empire builder in the history of Rome. John Milton, stimulated always by his ambition that aimed at writing some “mighty lines” which England would unwillingly forget, had in due time secured his position as the second Shakespeare in the history of English literature.
Influential as it is upon us, however, ambition in World of Warcraft power leveling must be channeled in the right direction. If wrongly directed, one’s ambition may bring havoc on him and others. Hitler, whose ambition was to conquer Europe by whatever evil means, finally turned him into a demon. It was this demon that almost cast Europe into an unfathomable abyss of anguish and suffering. Another case is Macbeth whose ambition was to become the king of Scotland. However, his ambition was materialized by the murder of King Duncan. Consequently, unbearable guilt and psychological agony drove him to his tragic doom.
To sum up, have ambition when play Wow power leveling can benefit us tremendously if wisely and correctly channeled, otherwise it may ruin others and ourselves. A poet says: life can be bad; life can be good; life can be dirty; life can be sad,; life can even be painful. In my mind’s eye, a person can make his life beautiful, meaningful and rewarding and stand out as a respectable personage if he is motivated by a well-orientated ambition.
== Warhammer: Make me happy and sad ==
I have played Warhammer only for 3 months, but I feel that it is so long as if I have known it for several years. 
I first knew about this game is from my friend, who played it day and night. I did not know how to play; my friend created an account for me, and taught me patiently. I began to play after a week. It is an interesting game, it let me meet all kinds of people. 
In the crowd, I met a girl; she was so common that nobody paid attention to her. But she still played the game silently, she never said a word. I became interested in her gradually, and I wanted to make friends with her. So I bought [  Warhammer Power Leveling] for her .At the first three days, she played the game as usual and paid no attention to me. But I did not give up; I went on talking with her though she still ignored me. 
After three days, I was playing the game, and talked to her from time to time. Surprise, she said hello to me, I am so happy that I feel my life was filled with happiness. We began to talk and we talk about everything, I began to know her name, she had a good name-wenya. We kept talking until middle night. She was glad with the [  War Power Leveling]. We have made an agreement that we would play the game together tomorrow. I thought this day was my happiest day of my life. 
But the next day, I kept waiting until the next morning; she did not appear any more. I was crazy; I looked her in each place of the game, but still had no any information about her. After five days, I had to give up and had no mood to see anyone. I locked myself in my room in order to find out the reason why she left. But I had no idea about the [  Warhammer Online Power Leveling], In a chance to play the game, I met another boy who used the account of the girl, he said he knew the girl, I did not believe my eyes when I see this. He told me that the girl had moved to a remote place, he was ever her neighbor. The girl gave the account to him when she left. She asks the boy to tell me not to remember her, she would be happier in the future.
I was shocked by this, I think I have fallen in love with the girl and [  Warhammer PowerLeveling], but she would never know about this. I think I will remember her forever.
== Network drivers of leveling industry ==
Drive one of the factors: the virtual player's growing demand for goods 2008, China's online game users pay 30.42 million more than in 2007 a 36.0% increase. China in 2013 is expected to pay for online game subscribers will reach 59.46 million in 2008 to 2013 compound annual growth rate of 14.3 percent, data shows that in this period users pay for online games growth rate will be higher than the growth rate of online game users . Props in the games market in 2007 has made a leap of development, in 2007, [  age of conan power leveling] were 52.1 percent of users playing the game props (commonly known as "Play"), and pay for the props and equipment, in 2006, the proportion was only 13.6%.     
Online game operators to launch an increasing number of props and games, users have gradually adapted to this model. As these business model changes, the player needs virtual items be increased gradually. [  AOC power leveling] ever-increasing demand for network leveling become the most fundamental driving force for the industry.     
Drivers of the two: a virtual goods trading market to flourish     
The future of China's online game virtual item trading market development, virtual goods (property) and the reality of goods (property) between the trend of transformation will become increasingly evident. In particular, some high-grade equipment and the role of virtual and so on, have been unable to use the game provided by the virtual equivalent of a valuation and transaction, the online game virtual items like age of conan power leveling in the real value of the economy are apparent.     
Players in the game for equipment transactions, large transactions are generally adopted by buyers and sellers face-to-face cash transactions by the small amount of dialogue in the trading game, and the rest through the online game virtual item trading platform to trade, which the network virtual objects of the game industry trade and professional development of third-party trading platform. Mature trading platform, and for companies and individuals to provide corresponding sales channels.

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