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== The debris of happiness ==
There is one kind of person who always waiting for others to give happiness to them, this kind of person always can not live happily. But I always want to know who can give happiness to another.
I comfort my best friend and also an answer to myself. When he was not at home, I liked to stay in a quiet corner of the sofa and held a novel which he once read. I thought if you loved a person, you must enter into his inner world. He also loved to play an online game called WoW, so I entered into this game. I created an account and bought [  WoW Power Leveling]. I knew he was the person just like me, liked to stay quietly. We played this game not for ranks and earning gold, just wanted to experience a feeling. We just distinguish the life and game too obviously. I like him because he treats everything is patience and serious. He seldom buys flowers for me, but every year he remembers my birthday. Every day my life has no surprise, but I feel sweet in my heart.   
Until one day I found a photo of his former girl friend in his novel, I was depressed. I carefully put her photo inside of the book. I started to suspect whether he loved me, or just like the [  World of Warcraft Power Leveling] which is unreal. That day we quarreled. He never loss temper to me, and he was so kind man in my mind. He returned home to ask me to forgive him. I ignored him many times. He eventually left me. Eventually I could not seize his hands. 
Happiness just like the debris is all over the ground. No matter how to scrabble up, it is still incomplete.
== WoW: How to earn money ==
In the game, sure who would want their own high level; but how the money can do? Now, I am here to brief members on the money earned my way. I have just started to earn are not quite how the gold, 1.1points on the hoard the result is hard to save money to buy the whole of the horse. The chances are rather accidental.
One day, someone at the warehouse where throwing things, the result was even picked up accidentally, and one look precious stones are formulas, then that is worthless as a result, one found at the auction house. Was true for me are a windfall, I believe we all have this mind after my mission to do earn [  World of Warcraft CD Key], the Snowy Mountains go to fight the snow-covered stone demon, has just hit another two strange storms a just picking at the warehouse where the formula, bad of me! Later I found the recipe here is really high rate of violence, but also the percentage of equipment!
If you go to kill the monsters you can also earn the [  WoW CD Key], it is also a good way when you play the game. Brush has a lot of the benefits of the strange, the most important of course, you are upgrade also can be practiced warrior, make some friends and so on almost level. Warrior very important, but even a red name, it would not burst, and equipment are far more important things. Some of my friends might say, that no matter upgrade go to help a friend with two souls, or buy their own two, brush after the expiry of the fare increase 30 gold for sale, are a good business. Finally I wish everyone enjoy the joy of playing the game.
== What a bad guy in Warhammer ==
I am feeling quite good at the moment, after talking to Mary and some trusty friends.
Perhaps, I just need talking with others, so that I can shift my focus from the guy to other things, like [  Warhammer Power Leveling], sometimes money is more real then life.
I have been trying hard to convince myself that he changed and left me completely, and there is no return to anything we had in the past. There are several reasons. First of all, the overall situation changed. He changed completely and is no longer in love with me, which is the most important. He is now obsessed with another woman. I am out of this competition.
But actually, I never know I was in the competition with my [  War Power Leveling]. On top of that, things changed so suddenly that I was never prepared for it emotionally, nor did I possibly know how to react, coupled with the fact that I am far more invested in our relationship than he did, I can come to the conclusion with sensibility-even though he comes back to me one day, and drops to his knees and cries his heart out, begging me to be back to his hug, I do not think I can accept him again. This is not the first time he hurt me. He kept hurting me by doing wrong things or doing nothing just to buy [  Warhammer Online Power Leveling]. As well, I do not think my brother can accept him, nor can my friends. He hurt me. My brother feels bad at this. I dare say, probably my brother would never ever want to see this person.
He always told me he did not want to leave me, because he could not. He needed me like oxygen or the Warhammer PowerLevel. Without me, he was incomplete. He said he was too lonely in Shanghai and he continuously felt down. He did not want to burden with unhappiness, only happiness. He said he always felt thankful to me because I made him a better person, and that no one had done this for him before. I thought he corrected his weird behavior and that was the starting point of our future happiness.
== Network-driven obstacles sectors ==
One of the factors hindering: Without a sound, a sound network of the Legislative
Three obstacles: the absence of third-party regulatory bodies     
Or whether it is virtual goods transactions leveling industry, legislation is the first step, since the establishment of a regulatory body or clearly is necessary, the need for this [  age of conan power leveling] to eligibility, monitoring operations, the coordination of market transactions to ensure that the tax, security and solution to the development of the industry problems.       
The regulatory bodies can also save user voluntarily sent the request to preserve information, it may be recognized by the law of evidence. This is also the case of virtual property disputes "hard evidence" to provide a practical solution. do you want to improve [  aoc power leveling], And on this basis, and promote enterprise leveling, game operators and third-party trading platform for cooperation, and effective for the industry norms.     
Four obstacles: the players are not set correctly, the game concept of health.
Online game technology is not only a topic, industry topics, cultural topics and market topics, but also society as a whole is a topic of public concern. With the online games industry in the development of young people we have to admit that online games include age of conan power leveling have become one of the main forces of consumption, but the young people indulge in the game because of the social problems that continue. Therefore, players guide a correct view of the imminent game.     
Health, happiness, appropriate, legitimate, should be the players of our online games by young people to pursue the goal of the game should be a network of virtual goods industry and the main theme of the market.

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