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==Who are you?==
I'm a PhD. Student at Leibniz Universität Hannover.
==Why OpenMoko/Neo1973?==
Because of the very nice case :-)
I'm mainly interested in the PIM functionalities of OpenMoko. My SonyEricsson K750i isn't suited as organizer (who programmed a calendar without recurrent events?!?).
Some weeks ago I started with geocaching, and I think the Neo will be the right platform for it. I imagine a software, that downloads all important information from the website so I can fall back to the hints.
This week I found time to add some streets to [[Openstreetmap]]. It was a little bit frustrating, since half of the streets were already recorded. With the Neo, I want to download some map data from [[Openstreetmap]] and then drive directly to the blank spots.
==What you are waiting for?==
GTA02 of course.
And hopefully before christmas. I'm a little bit afraid of the shipping time from the US to Germany.

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