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Peter van de Werken

Freerunner A5, with all reworks (Buzz, Bass, and 1024).
At the moment the Freerunner Navigation Board v2 is being installed.

OS: debian (squeeze)

  • SHR unstable uImage.bin-
  • NAND with Ubifs contains most of the system
  • µSD (class 2, 15.9Gb) layout:
    • p1 (504MB): /boot /usr/{lib,local} /var/{cache,spool}
    • p2 (14+GB): /home /srv
    • p3 (128MB): swap
  • /etc/fstab:
rootfs          /               auto    defaults                    0 1
/dev/mmcblk0p1  /mnt/card1      ext3    defaults,relatime           0 2
/dev/mmcblk0p2  /mnt/card2      ext3    defaults,relatime           0 2
/dev/mmcblk0p3  swap            swap    defaults                    0 0
proc            /proc           proc    defaults                    0 0

tmpfs           /tmp            tmpfs   defaults,relatime,size=32m  0 0
tmpfs           /var/lock       tmpfs   defaults,relatime,size=2m   0 0
tmpfs           /var/run        tmpfs   defaults,relatime,size=2m   0 0
  • system tweaks:

Bought a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter cable (sku.7127 at dealextreme).
It has the following pin-layout: TRRS: left, right, mic (unconnected), ground
Unfortunately this is incompatible with the FR which uses TRRS: mic, right, left, ground