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Personal tools

I use Debian on my Freerunner. Following is a description of my setup, and of how well (or not) things are working with that setup.

Main points

  • Debian installed (again) on 10th December (2009, following major filesystem corruption of my previous Debian install).
  • matchbox window manager and keyboard. I'm kind of missing the E17 keyboard, but not as much as I expected to. The matchbox keyboard seems more usable than you'd think, given its size.
  • trayer, openmoko-panel-plugin and auxlaunch. Here's my .xsession:
trayer --edge top --height 60 &
openmoko-panel-plugin &
zhone &
rm -f .auxlaunchpid
auxlaunch -dms &
exec matchbox-window-manager -use_titlebar no -use_cursor no
  • Some screenshots to show how it looks... I think the plainness of the top panel goes well with the sharp angles of Gtk+ apps.
  • cellwriter is fun to have around. Once it has been started for the first time (which you can do from auxlaunch), it adds an icon to the top panel, and then you can click that to make cellwriter appear and disappear. So there is no need to decide whether to replace matchbox-keyboard with cellwriter in the openmoko-panel-plugin config; it's easy to have both.


  • auxlaunch should also support killing an existing window - for apps like TangoGPS which don't have a quit button anywhere. I wonder if anyone already has a patch for that?