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These are scribbles. Should be cleaned up and moved into real pages if useful.

Setting the timezone: [1] (Doesn't work though, and is annoying)

Development with Eclipse - have to check it out.

The essential GSM_850_test

Orientation of screen:

xrandr -o 1 turns screen to landscape mode (xrandr -o 0 to go back to ordinary portrait)

Getting Battery status: cat `find /sys/ -name battvolt` the output is in millivolts. ~4224 millivolts is completely charged (observed 3568 lowest, 4207 highest)

exact location is /sys/devices/platform/s3c2410-i2c/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0008/

nicer script (cwd must be above)- CHARGE=`cat battvolt` && awk -v charge=${CHARGE} 'BEGIN {print charge/4224*100" "charge }'

GTA01_gsm_modem for AT commands; Gsmd for manual AT stuff

To get sound working: alsactl -f /etc/alsa/gsmhandset.state restore

Trying to record sound from the mic:

cat /dev/dsp does sample the ADC It's then 'simply' a case of setting the mixer controls so that the sound is routed from the mic to the adc See the nice simple explanatory block diagram in the middle of for guidance. In principle. You need to find which mic input the mic is connected to, setup the input gain and mic selector appropriately,setup the ALC mixer right, then set it up to route to the left or right ADC alsactl can do it (alsamixer)

alsactl -f /etc/alsa/capturehandset.state restore
arecord -f cd -t wav -d 10 foo.wav
Make noise for 10 seconds
alsactl -f /etc/alsa/stereoout.state restore
aplay foo.wav

Note from User:Wurp: You'll need to shut down pulseaudio before aplay will work (you also need to do this to get mplayer to play audio). Use '/etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop' before 'aplay foo.wav'. There is probably a better way to do this, but I don't know it.

Booting: Boot noise documented here


I've gotten the binary up, but I'm still trying to decipher the NMEA output -- right now it doesn't look like I'm getting a fix, and when I replugged into the computer the neo froze. Grr.

[2] contains some good info for decoding, and [3] is a good link for getting started. (I had issues with the original Polish site).

Note from User:Wurp: I got an awk script, I think from SpeedEvil, that deciphers /tmp/nmeaNP. Here it is:

/PGRME/{herr=sqrt($2^2+$4^2); err=$6}
/GPRMC/{print substr($10,1,2)"/"substr($10,3,2)"/"substr($10,5,2), h":"m":"s,(h*3600)+(m*60)+s,ndeg,nmin,wdeg,wmin, ndeg+(nmin/60),wdeg+(wmin/60), $10,$9,herr+0,err+0,v }

I prefer to use gpsd output, though, via pygps.

Project Cupcake:

This is a project to get some mapping working on the moko. Right now I'm thinking of hacking together a basic picture viewer and stealing Tiles at Home PNG's and overlaying where the GPS says we are. Eventually it would be nice to have vector maps and true routing, but baby steps are important.

Note from User:Wurp: The navit package seems a good starting place. I prefer pyroute, but I think we're going to have to get pypy or psyco going on the neo before pyroute is usable.