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USB Vendor and Product IDs

Openmoko is using the USB Vendor and Product IDs below. Note that 0x1457 is the Vendor ID of FIC, Inc, and 0x1d50 is the vendor ID of Openmoko, Inc.

Vendor ID Product ID Description
0x1d50   0x1db5 IDBG in DFU mode
0x1d50   0x1db6 IDBG in normal mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50   0x5117 Neo1973/FreeRunner kernel usbnet (g_ether, CDC Ethernet) Mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5118 Debug Board (FT2232D) for Neo1973/FreeRunner
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5119 Neo1973/FreeRunner u-boot usbtty CDC ACM Mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x511a HXD8 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM Mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x511b SMDK2440 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x511c SMDK2443 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x511d QT2410 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x511e Reserved
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x511f Reserved
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5120 Neo1973/FreeRunner u-boot generic serial Mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5121 Neo1973/FreeRunner kernel mass storage (g_storage) Mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5122 Neo1973/FreeRunner kernel usbnet (g_ether, RNDIS) Mode
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5123 Neo1973/FreeRunner internal USB Bluetooth CSR4 module
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5124 Neo1973/FreeRunner Bluetooth Device ID service
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5125 TBD
0x1457 / 0x1d50 0x5126 TBD
0x1d50 0x6000 Ubertooth Zero
0x1d50 0x6001 Ubertooth Zero DFU
0x1d50 0x6002 Ubertooth One
0x1d50 0x6003 Ubertooth One DFU
0x1d50 0x6004 LeoLipo (Arduino Leonardo clone with LiPo charger)
0x1d50 0x6005 LED Flower S
0x1d50 0x6006 LED Cube
0x1d50 0x6007 LED Flower
0x1d50 0x6008 Kisbee 802.15.4 transceiver
0x1d50 0x6009 Adjacent Reality Tracker
0x1d50 0x600a AVR Programmer
0x1d50 0x600b Hypna Go Go
0x1d50 0x600c CatNip LPC1343 development board
0x1d50 0x600d Enhanced RoboBrrd Brain Board
0x1d50 0x600e OpenRISC Ordb2a-ep4ce22 development board
0x1d50 0x600f Paparazzi Lisa/M (DFU)
0x1d50 0x6010 Openpipe flute/bagpipe MIDI controller
0x1d50 0x6011 LeoLipo (DFU)
0x1d50 0x6012 Universal C64 Cartridge
0x1d50 0x6013 DiscFerret magnetic disc analyser (Bootloader)
0x1d50 0x6014 DiscFerret magnetic disc analyser (Active/run)
0x1d50 0x6015 Smoothieboard
0x1d50 0x6016 phInterface
0x1d50 0x6017 Black Magic Debug Probe (DFU)
0x1d50 0x6018 Black Magic Debug Probe (Application)
0x1d50 0x6019 4pi 5 axis motion controller
0x1d50 0x601a Paparazzi Lisa/M (Application)
0x1d50 0x601b IST-2 chronograph for bullet speeds
0x1d50 0x601c EPOSMote II
0x1d50 0x601d UDS18B20 USB Temperature Sensor
0x1d50 0x601e 5x5 STM32 prototyping board

The above mentioned IDs have been submitted for inclusion into the list

Open registry for community / homebrew USB Product IDs

As the openmoko products have been discontinued, Openmoko Inc. is opening up the use of its Vendor ID for use by the Free and Open Source software and hardware communities. This means you can simply register your devices and will get an allocation of a Product ID for free.


By applying for an Openmoko Product ID, you acknowledge that either

  • the USB device you are developing is either an open hardware project with at least publicly available schematics, or
  • the firmware/software running on your USB device is Free / Open Source software, licensed under an OSI-Approved, FSF-Recognized or DFSG-Approved Free / Open Source software license

In order to request a product ID, please send an e-mail to including

  • a name and short description of your usb device project
  • the license under which you are releasing the hardware and/or software/firmware of the device
  • a link to the project website and/or source code repository, if any