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Getting wi-fi working

I had some issues here.

1) My ethernet driver was eth1 (not wlan0 or eth0).

2) wifi-radar requires manually setting up wpa_supplicant at /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

--Dfsmith 11:53, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

No fix in GPS

I am not able to get any GPS fix on either Zhone or Tango GPS though the GPS indicator on the top panel is on. At the same place i am getting fix on 2008.12. Do i need to manually switch something on? --Rakshat 13:02, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

Do you use fyp 3.18 and the recommended kernel? Which bootloader? It should really work, it's confirmed by quite a lot of people. But please explain your problem. neovento

I have fyp 3.01 and recommended kernel. QI bootloader. Should i be using the latest U-Boot (I think I read that somewhere)? I did not make a swap file. I will try again with 3.18 tomorrow and report.--Rakshat 14:39, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

Just flash 3.18 (and new kernel), GPS will work then. It also works really good with Qi.neovento

GPS works in 3.18 --Rakshat 12:34, 23 March 2009 (UTC)


Please help in contributing Neovento changes back to Debian. It does not help the big picture to do just concentrate on images and scripts if the base work in Debian does not improve - the development in the long run suffers.

  • Contribute packaging to pkg-fso team for any packages not yet in the repositories (already in Debian or Debian's PKG-FSO: Pidgin, mokomaze, tangogps, epdfview)
    • Fennec
    • Wifi-radar
    • Mokomaze
  • Contribute changes to Debian or upstream repositories
    • Zhone
    • LXDE (eg. lxde-fso package with settings)
    • Matchbox
  • Create for example "fso-neoventa" meta package for PKG-FSO repositories, installation of which equals to installing Neovento image

Note that especially contributing to Debian-FSO team's work is not that hard, and not all requirements of official Debian apply there. unknown author

>>>> I thought about that some time ago, but recently had not the time to do things like that. I will think about it again after the next release. neovento

Users' thoughts and concerns

These are some thoughts about neovento 5:

-the right-click mouse button should be simulated by pressing the screen at one spot for about 1sec. This should include the web browser's links.

-the on-off button on the freerunner should be used as the cold-boot (I am tired of having to take the battery in/out to reboot once it freezes). I do not know if this is the freerunner's hardware issue.

-windows should always resize to fit the screen and be less messy (?)

-user should be able to move the screen to be allowed to work with apps that are greater than the screen-size itself

-user should be allowed to rotate the screen.

-the upper menu (with wifi, gprs, etc) should be disabled (or scrolled up) when not needed, and enabled again (scrolled-down) when needed.

-keyboard should be allowed to be custom-made and arranged by the user.

-a simpler program for WiFi should be developed, and WiFi should not disconnect while working after some time. There are many good ones with the free source code on .

-distro should not point to .DE servers but usual ones (because they are too slow for other continents).

-user should be allowed to install additional programs and packages to SD card and not on space reserved for the distribution. Of course, when SD card is out, the distribution should work without the installed programs and packages (although it may appear to be a bit messy with menu shortcuts pointing to nowhere).

-a web-browser like dillo should be included with the distro.

-apt-get install should not display the error that http: was not found as a package but install the software instead.

-dosbox should work on neovento, to suffice the needs for the wine emulator.

>>> thanks for feedback, some points are really inspiring. neovento

Tested programs

These are some of the tested programs using "apt-get install", please contribute:

apt-utils -needed package, before installing anything

gpe-taskmanager -task manager, fast, light-weght and simple

audacious -mp3 player, works, however the mp3 does not play due to lags. A simpler player that uses less CPU is needed.

midori -web browser, EXCELLENT except for the annoying "root user" message.

xfce4-taskmanager -works but useless due to a lack of right-click

bochs -pc emulator, installs and seems to work, had no time to mess with

gpe-filemanager -file manager, simple, fast, light-weight, better than pcmanfm in my opinion.

galculator - calculator, very good although the scientific mode needs a bigger screen.

wireshark - works but slow load.

mumpot - mapping application for mobile devices

DosBox - installs but freezes when run