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This section is specifically for reporting bugs in its use (I'm too lazy to start a trac db at the moment). Note that UI changes/alterations, enhancements, suggestions, unfinished features (eg, "this button doesn't do anything!") are NOT bugs. Please run the program in a console so that console-based error messages are visible.

Please follow the given example formatting. Ieatlint 06:43, 24 July 2008 (UTC)

Name of bug


blah blah

Steps to reproduce:

Only bother with this if it's worthy of noting

Error messages:

Only bother with this if it's worthy noting.

general iw bug/comment

for what its worth given i need to brush up on my wpa_cli usage but i've noticed; bear in mind i can only speak for my lame ass ignorant self

1) "S" aplist_info isnt knowing i'm connected to the AP that in turn probably FUBAR's the con/discon logic button since the trouble was made to make a multipurpose button lets go the extra step to have it change its title based on the selected ap's status

2) i've noticed that whilst trying to swap from my open already connected bugger(only test so far) to the WPA network (debug msg's show it succeeding in setting the new AP+password via wpa_cli etc but iwconfig never changes its essid

  • this leads me to think that some step is being left out to set the radio's config, either cycle the power or ifconfig or both (is this even required for wpa_supplicant)? i've come to realize all devices arent created equal and need their own lil procedure,